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School Holiday Reading: 10 Links For Great Book Recommendations

Students are familiar with having to read for a purpose, but it's equally important to encourage them to read for pleasure too. The school holidays are the perfect time to go book hunting with your children, but if you're wondering where to begin, use these resources to help narrow your search.


10 Things Tutors Wish Parents Knew

As you remind your children to show appreciation for their schoolteachers on Teachers' Day, do remember that tutors provide an invaluable service as well, and are equally deserving of thanks and recognition. But gifts and words of affirmation aside, what do tutors really need from parents? We spoke to three experienced tutors to find out. 


Raising A World-Class Athlete Like Joseph Schooling: What Parents Should Know

Intriguing details are emerging about local Olympic champ Joseph Schooling's road to victory, which make it clear that his swimming dream was not mere fantasy but a carefully scripted journey, which was not without moments of doubt, setbacks, and sacrifice. These background stories are proof that Schooling's historic winning moment was a culmination of efforts that helped him chart and stay the course, such as:

* Foresight, initiative, and dedication on the part of Schooling's parents from the beginning: They documented every swim meet that he participated in from 2000, set yearly targets for him based on his personal bests as well as regional and international standards, monitored his performance in specific areas so they could provide constructive feedback, and sent him for a bone test in 2006 to calculate his growth potential—whether he would be likely to reach the optimum height for the sport (1.9m). Read more about these efforts here and here.