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June 2016 Holiday Activities for the Kids

Do the words “school holidays” inspire joy or incite panic? Whether you wish to keep the kids occupied for a week or entertained for a day, here are a list of suggestions to suit a range of ages, temperaments and budgets.


The range of holiday camps and workshops available to children today is astounding. Budding architects, chefs, dramatists, programmers, and even entrepreneurs have access to varied learning tools and activities to boost their interests and talents.


Exam Results: How Should Parents Respond?

Children can’t wait to celebrate the end of the exams, but their joy is often tempered by fear—what if they perform badly? Parents, on the other hand, may find that their relief at the exam’s end is swiftly replaced by anxiety, if their children’s results are not up to par.

How can parents respond to their children’s results in a way that is positive, loving, and encouraging? We spoke to occupational therapist Anita Leo, who runs her own practice at Insight N Access, to get her advice. Anita has 18 years of experience working with children in mainstream schools, as well as with gifted and special needs children, and here are her suggestions:


Exam Strategy: Fix Your Sleep

Good news for parents: There is one simple thing you can do to boost your kids’ chances of getting better exam or test scores. It doesn’t involve extra classes or nagging, and it's not at all unpleasant. In fact, it's something most people look forward to, and it’s called sleep.

Several studies have linked sleep and academic performance, but a joint study by two Montreal universities specifically examined sleep in relation to report card grades, and found that children with greater "sleep efficiency" performed better in math and languages.