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SEVEN STEPS TO BATTLE PSLE - Strategy for the final 27 days

Most of the Primary 6 students would have received their prelim results by now. If you have done well, congrats. Keep up the good work.

If you did badly, here’s what you should do.


Follow Your Heart

I am perhaps one of the lucky few ones who managed to defy my parents' career choice for me and persevered to be in the career I am now, a professionally trained pianist. I have shared this before in the Music, Singing, and Dancing sub-forum before, but I am going to re-share this again to give some perspective as someone who actually went against the grain.


Facing Up to the Threat of Bullying

Name calling, mocking others, posting negative comments online – these are common tactics resorted by bullies and unfortunately, we’re referring to kids who ‘terrorize’ others, not adults.

A report presented by the Singapore Children’s Society  indicates that one in five primary school children have experienced some sort of bullying in school, mostly among classmates and between students of the same gender.