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Student Care Centres with Learning Support

Choosing a student care centre with learning intervention could be an option for parents who are looking into getting both accommodation and specialised professional help for their children with learning difficulties.


Visual Art DSA

In response to some parents' requests (here), I decided to share here my experience about Visual Art DSA for secondary schools with Visual Art DSA and Portfolio preparation.

You can only DSA maximum to 3 schools, so choose the 3 schools carefully by looking at MOE website which school has Visual Art DSA.

Each Secondary School with Art DSA may request for specific things which it is best you refer to their website but generally they have very much common things that they look for and relevant information also can be found on their website too. If after reading the school's website and you are still unsure, it's best to call up the school to clarify.

Mainstream School for Your Child with Autism?

Choosing a suitable school for a child with special education needs (SEN), such as a child with autism, is a very important decision. As your child will be spending most of the time in school, the school environment will play a huge part in shaping your child, whether it is a special school or a mainstream school.