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First day of school

Phew, it has come to the end of the first day of school.

Smarty returned home telling me who his subject teachers are. He said I am spot on on guessing that his former FT for P1 and P2, Teacher F, will teach him this year...hahaha

I really love this teacher to teach him as she is very strict on him. She scrutinizes even on his handwriting. She always tell Smarty, it is of no use if you are good in academic only, you need to have the correct values. I appreciate her teaching style and I know Smarty will be in for a difficult time this year ..kekeke

Although it is the first day, Smarty is already assigned with homework. He is a wonderful boy today by taking initiative to finish up his work. I am definitely impressed. I bet he must be motivated by Teacher F. She said, " Those of you in P1 and P2 must have changed now as you are in P4 now." Guess those words really went into him.

I just wished that he will be consistent everyday.

DD just returned home from school 10 mins ago. Smarty is a nice brother by waiting at the gate for her and welcome his sister home. :-)


Improve Chinese Proficiency - Lead By Example!

My boy was poor in MT oral at first.  Here's what I did to improve his oral:

1. Speak to him in MT.
2. Read a story in MT.
3. Expect him to speak to you in MT.
4. Get him to read a MT story aloud to you everyday.

Practice makes perfect.  The only way to improve our speech is to speak MT on a daily basis.  I will set aside half an hour everyday to read a MT story to my children. I will then ask them to read the story aloud to me. From there, they can learn to recognise new words, the correct pronounciation and build up their confidence.

Children tend to shun subjects that they are least competent in. By getting them to read aloud to you in MT gives you the chance to correct their pronounciation and at the same time, as day goes by, you will realise that your child will be more competent in his oral skills.


Preparing for first day of school

Today is a busy day for me.

I did a final check on both DD and DS holiday homework.

We also ran through the list of things they need to bring for the first day of school.

We made a trip down to Popular Tampines Mall for last minute shopping.

I took a look at the " All you need to know about Science Lower Block ".

DS and I browsed through all the 10 copies of the set. DS and I came to an agreement that the books are not intensively written. Those that we have at home are more well-written and more comprehensive. We aborted the idea of buying the set.

When I returned home, I prepared my children's school uniforms and their new school shoes.

DS is very co-operative today. He goes to bed on his own accord. He usually needs me to nag at him to sleep :-)

I know this happiness is short-lived as his anxiety will only last for 2 days at most.

Still, I am pleased that all the items are in place.

Hmm, I have to go back to my routine of waking up at 5am on school days :-(




Tips For Selecting A Maid (FDW)

Just to share the measures you can take to protect yourself if you employ a FDW.

Look for an agency that accepts post-dated cheques.  Reason: When there is a dispute, you do not have to worry that your whole loan repayment for current maid will be forfeited. Although the agency fee will be slightly higher, it beats having the whole loan amount forfeited. You are in control of the money as the cheques are post-dated and you can cancel them if need arises.

Never believe an agency that you CANNOT cancel your maid work permit. YOU CAN.  Reason: When the maid has outstanding loan, they don't want you to cancel the permit as it will be difficult for them to sell your maid to another employer. They will want to re-market the maid to another employer till the maid settles her loan with the agency.  Just bear in mind that if you cancel her permit, you have to bear the repatriation cost.