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Life Is a Gift

Just want to share this meaningful passage with everyone - whether you're breezing through life or facing obstacles now. Life is a gift. Embrace it.


Before you say an unkind word
... think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food
... think of someone who has nothing to eat.


A Daughter's Regret

My father's recent demise left me with some mixed feelings of sadness and regrets. The fact that he had been an absent figure in most of my life didn't make it any easier for me to accept his death, even though he had been ill for a long time.

This is the first time I cried for my father. Three times, to be exact. The first time was tears of shock when I learnt that he had passed away suddenly but peacefully; the second time when I saw him lying in the coffin at the wake, all made up but hardly looked like him; and the third time when I witnessed his coffin being wheeled into the furnace for cremation as I mouthed the last farewell to him through the looking glass.


Tribute to Mum

I am inspired to pen this poem for my mother who has gone through a lot and suffered much in life to bring up my sibling and I. Now that I am also a mother, I understand more deeply a mother's selfless and dedicated love.







The Armless Pianist

See video

I first came across this young armless pianist in the show China's Got Talent 2010 and was deeply inspired by his unwavering determination and immense talent.

He lost both his arms in an accident at the tender age of 10. Watching him play the piano with his toes, many in the audience were moved to tears, including me. In an interview, he told the host of the China's Got Talent show that his life motto is this: "I can choose to either die as quickly as possible, or to live a brilliant life." Obviously he made the latter choice and not surprisingly, he was crowned the winner of China's Got Talent 2010.


A Moment Of Reflection - a tribute to the heroes, victims & survivors of the Japan Disaster

When Mother Nature is enraged,
there is no stopping her from lashing out at those around her.

The Earth is bleeding,
from the mass destruction where homes were wrecked and thousands of lives lost.

For those who survived,
they still have to live in the nightmare of losing their loved ones.

The world is weeping,
for those who didn't have a chance to run for their lives when calamity struck.

The old, the sick and the little ones
were buried or swept away before they could even cry out for help.

Yet amidst the chaos and suffering,
we saw heroic acts of rescue and extended hands of aid from all over the world.


Why I Won't Be A Tiger Mum

I remember as a young child, my mother who is the disciplinarian, nurturer and provider all rolled into one, would cane me with a clothes hanger when I did not write my alphabets and numbers properly. I hated those beatings and resented her then. But as I looked back now, I have no doubt she did it out of love. She instilled discipline in me from young and as a result, I've grown up to be self-disciplined in my studies without her having to worry about my academic results. I was an above average student and had never failed a single subject in school tests and exams. But my mother is far from a tiger mum. She gave me freedom to choose my own schools and subjects I wanted to study.


Looking Back, Paying Forward

Today is 1 January 2011 (1.1.11), perfect numbers for a new beginning of a new year. Looking back on the past one year, I marvel at how much my daughter has grown. She is now a bubbly, chatty and inquisitive 3-year-old who has a penchant for books and loves to ask "why" to almost anything she does not have an answer.

If there is anything I am most proud of in achieving in the last one year, it's seeing my sacrifices (in terms of my career, time and efforts) paid off in how my child has developed thus far. She is eloquent, bubbly, joyful and well-behaved most of the times. Of course there are the usual tantrums and occasional misbehaviour that is expected of a child her age, but generally she is a good-natured child with a big heart.


Our First Christmas Tree

After much consideration, we decided to get our first family Christmas tree -- a 3-feet green tree that comes complete with snow flake-shaped fibre optic lights. We were contemplating between a 3-feet and 4-feet tree but our 3-year-old girl chose the 3-feet one, probably because it is about her height. We also chose the fibre optic Christmas tree over the traditional one as the fibre optic lights do not exude heat and are safer around kids.

Though our Christmas tree is not as spectacular as a 6-feet one, it is still awesome to look at when it's lighted up and the blinking multi-colored fibre optic lights brighten up the entire room and our hearts. That is the magic of Christmas tree - when lighted up, it is able to bring cheer and smiles to everyone around it. My girl and I even added some cotton wool randomly on the tree to make it look like snow. And we have had such fun doing it together.