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Misconceptions regarding food.

My aunt was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 13 years ago. It was the first time I saw my dad crying. At that point of time, many questions were running through our minds:
- My aunt was not a smoker, how did she get lung cancer?
- Will the rest of the family get cancer too?
- What can we do to protect ourselves and our family?

Ever since then, my family buys organic food and we are very particular about the products we use at home. That also spurred my interest in nutrition and I majored in nutrition. Understand that there are certain misconceptions regarding food:


Why I choose to sent my boy to Childcare at 18 months old

I sent my boy to childcare at 18 months old.

Although I have a maid and my dad can help to look after during the day, I still sent him to childcare. Why?

At home, there's hardly any 'meaningful activity' during the day. He just plays on his own while my maid is busy with housework and preparing his food/clothes/etc.

My dad is not trained in education and does not know how to teach or what to teach. All he will do is play with my boy, bring him down for walks and let him watch TV. Nothing much learnt at home during the day when we are at work.


Help Your Child To Love Homework

My boy has started at a new kindergarten for N1 and he has weekly homework plus reading tests. Just share what we have done to show some positive results. 

I was so worried when the school told us that there's homework cos I was worried that he'll resist doing homework that we had a 'plan'.  It was tough cos we wanted him to love homework and did not want him to feel forced.


Right brain or Left brain

Being a teacher, tutor and mum, I've encountered this 'right brain or left brain' discussion many times.

My personal view:

Teachers in school do try to use a variety of teaching methods to ensure students with different learning styles will benefit from the lesson. Gone are the old days of chalkboard & textbooks. Welcome to the new generation of PowerPoints & videos. However, there are also limitations with 40 different students in each class.


More Composition Writing Tips

My suggestions to parents (things that I usually do with my tutees):


Are You Hiring A Competent Tutor?

Just to share my experience so that parents can take note also.

I currently have a few P6 students whom I'm giving private tuition to and this incident is about another tutor whom the parents of one student hired as additional help to the child.

From what the parents and student tell me, this tutor is a young tutor who is doing her diploma currently. She claims that she is very good in Maths and can teach the student 'shortcuts' to answering questions. She goes to their place on weekends to help the child with work that he does not understand.