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Five Reasons Why Your Kid Should be the Next Master Chef Junior

 photo 1-1.jpgI just picked up cooking recently, at the ripe, old age of 33.  Surprisingly, it's actually quite therapeutic and I regretted not learning earlier, even though I had been living abroad by myself for so many years. And it dawned upon me- parents should cook with their children too as there's so many benefits of cooking. 


Explore Singapore! is Back with a Heritage Hop

Join our ambassadors, Mark Lee and Suhaimi Yusof and venture out to our museums and other heritage venues as Explore Singapore! returns once again! This year, the annual campaign organised by the National Heritage Board carries the theme “Heritage Hop-About”, and boasts of over 20 activities held at over 15 museums and institutions. And for the first time, 27 monuments will be open to the public through 16 walking tours during Explore Singapore! 2011.


A trip to Singapore Mushroom Farm

Have been reading some articles on the benefits of mushrooms & started introduce more mushrooms to our diet. Finally arranged a day to make a trip down to our local mushroom farm. Below is a short review from my DD.


One Saturday, my mum decided to bring us to a mushroom farm at Jalan Kayu. My brother & I actually went there before, which was organised by our Childcare Centre. This is the 1st time my parents went there.

When we reached there, we saw many houses where mushrooms are grown inside. A very friendly uncle guided us to some of the houses to let us see how the mushrooms grow. When we stepped into the house, oh, it's so cold.  Guess how cold is it. It is 15°C.


Baking Fun @ Bakerzin

It is so sad to know that Bakerzin has no longer providing baking workshop for kids. My DD loves doing her bakery there.
As I dun have oven at home, we are unable to bake cake at home. As DD loves to eat cakes, I’m wondering how’s her interest in baking a cake. Happened to know that Bakerzin has kid baking workshop so I enrolled her for a try. She went for her 1st bakery class on May 2009.
As this is the 1st lesson, she received a chef hat & apron before the start of the class. After wearing the apron & hat, she went to wash her hands.
Was watching her outside the classroom wondering how she was going to handle those flour, eggs, butter, etc… To my surprise, she picked up the skill pretty well. With the instructor’s help, she was able to do these.

Places of Interest in Singapore


The First Premium Student Care Centre in Singapore

Scratching your heads over what to do to entertain your kid during the upcoming March holidays?

Some suggested activities for parents to consider for the holidays include outdoor activities (such as park visits, in-line skating classes), art and other creative activities (such as pottery, art appreciation, dance and drama classes) and baking and cookery classes.

At Out of the Box Kids’ Club, our vision is Learning through Love and Laughter, where we aim to have our kids learn through fun activities.  We have planned an exciting week of varied and enjoyable activities for the kids. Our holiday camp incorporates educational activities that range from an outdoor garden tour to a kids’ fitness class to bringing out the artist, scientist as well as chef in your child!


Growing Your Own Herb Garden

How about starting a herb garden with your child? Thought it would be nice to share with the parents here and give you some ideas on how to cultivate your child's interest in plants and nature.

If u live in a flat or apartment, then all u need is a small area to grow your herb garden. U can even use the corridor. Find a sunny spot for your garden with good/strong sunlight streaming in for at least 1/2 a day. Of course, if you live in a house with wide open spaces, then all the more better for the plants to thrive and grow.

Currently, my mini and humble herb garden consists of basil, rosemary, borage, sunflower and corn. I have been using the basil leaves and rosemary in my cooking. Intend to grow other herbs and plants soon.

You can buy ready potted basil, rosemary and borage at any nursery. As for the sunflower and corn, we buy the seeds from Cold Storage - or u can also get them at the nursery - and just grow them in pots.


West Coast Park - A place for Everyone, from Pre-Schoolers, to Primary School Kids, to Teens, to the Not so Young

The year end school holidays are here again! It is time to take our kids to the great outdoors for them to unwind after a year of studying, tests, exams and etc. It’s time for them to let their hair down and enjoy some fresh air, enjoy themselves.

My family, together with another friend’s family did just that, on Deepavali this year, to be exact. We organised a picnic and a day of fun at the West Coast Park.