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Love as Anecdote for Student in Viral Video

Over the past couple of days, a video of a student shouting at his teacher went viral. Yesterday, it was reported the student has apologised and “shown remorse.”

This reminded me of my secondary school days, when I was in one of the rowdiest classes. There was a classmate who joined a gang (the infamous 369 in the 90s), another shoplifted and some played truant. In other words, my mates aren’t the easiest bunch to handle. However, there was this one teacher who could keep a tight rein on us- our Maths teacher Mr Ang.


Secondary 1 Survival Tips

Congratulations on getting your PSLE results!  Now the next step is to head to the next stage of your life- into your secondary school years.

Change is never easy, but always exciting. Here are a few tips on how to tackle Secondary One years for all the 12-year olds out there.


PSLE 2013 Results - A Simulated Analysis - Fine-tuned

Here are a few thoughts of mine on PSLE 2013 results.  MOE/SEAB should be publishing the t-score distribution which would greatly help pupils to understand where they are in the cohort so they could apply the right schools. But I never found these info from MOE/SEAB web site.


No More T-scores for PSLE so Parents Need to Stop Thinking Like T-rex

 photo 1-13.jpgThis new policy is headed for the right direction. I applaud Mr Lee and the government for their courage to implement such a change. It was a well-thought plan but I wonder if it was a step that was too cautious.


Six Comprehensive Tips to Ace the Oral Exams This Week (Part 2)

Yesterday, we gave you tips on how to prepare for the oral exams and how to look good for the examiner. Now, we will teach you how to face the teacher.

We will go into detail how you should tackle the three segments of oral with another three tips.

Don't be afraid of the oral examinations. It's very simple- just follow these steps. If you master them, you will outshine all your classmates.


Ace PSLE Oral!

As the oral examinations are near, I’ve had parents coming to me seeking advice on how to better prepare their children for it.

Oral examination constitutes 15-25% of the overall language examination therefore, it is integral in deciding the final grade.

The oral examination is divided into three sections:

  1. Reading Passage,
  2. Picture Discussion
  3. Conversation.

Critical Tips for Students Taking PSLE English


Tip 1:   When writing your composition, including setting details is definitely recommended. However, forcing memorised phrases of flowery language that do not match your writing style in the opening paragraph could do more harm than good.

Instead, space out your setting details throughout your story by slotting in descriptive words and sensory details in every paragraph!


My Son Can't Get Into My School of First Choice!

Keep calm and carry onIt's OK. Take a deep breath. Nothing bad will happen to your child.  Keep calm and carry on.

Many parents have been panicking recently and indulge into self-blame: Why haven’t I volunteered so my child can get into the best primary school? There are so many primary schools; which is the best? Will my kid’s future be affected because he didn’t get to his choice school?