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The Open House: What To Ask

Local secondary schools typically hold their open house events at year-end, but there are open houses held in April and May as well, to "catch the crowd for the DSA [Direct School Admission exercise]," as one teacher put it.

Before you attend an open house event, you can gather information from a school's web site, or get opinions from the ground via friends and the KiasuParents forum. Most parents would be concerned about the school’s pathways and programmes, subject combinations, and whether their children can continue with an existing CCA (co-curricular activity) where they have displayed an aptitude or talent.


New Primary Schools in 2016

According to the MOE website, a total of three primary schools opened in 2016. 1) Oasis Primary School, 2) Punggol Cove Primary School and 3) Waterway Primary School.

Incidentally, all three are located in the Punggol/Sengkang area, understandably to cater to the growing population residing there. Even My First Skool, an NTUC pre-school, recently opened their new branch at Waterway Point.

We know that some KiasuParents members have enrolled their kids in these new schools. Now that we are already three months into the school year, we will like to hear from you on what it has been like for your DD or DS in these new schools.


2015 PSLE Results Release

The wait is over!  Results for PSLE will be released tomorrow, on 25 Nov 2015.

As MOE is no longer publishing top scores for each school, we need your help to crowdsource the information :)

To report a T-Score, please use this form.

To see reported T-scores, please see this list.

To discuss about PSLE 2015 please use the following threads


DSA Interview Workshops by University Lecturer (15 Years' Experience)

Workshop Objectives

  • Understanding the psychology of admission officers
  • Knowing how first impressions are formed
  • Using visual and vocal language to market yourself
  • Discovering what you like about your dream school
  • Creating an inventory of your skills and positive personality traits
  • Creating success and failure stories
  • Verbal branding through story telling

Target Audience: For 12-year olds applying for DSA & International Schools

Methodology: Mini-lectures, Peer Role Plays, Role Play with Instructor, Video Recording

Cost per pax: $500 nett (tea break and course materials provided)

Maximum participants per class: 8

Venue: Park Mall, next to Dhoby Ghaut MRT


Mainstream School for Your Child with Autism?

Choosing a suitable school for a child with special education needs (SEN), such as a child with autism, is a very important decision. As your child will be spending most of the time in school, the school environment will play a huge part in shaping your child, whether it is a special school or a mainstream school.


Considering Engineering @ Poly

So you or your child has just received your ‘O’ Level results. What’s next?

Are you already considering a tertiary education that will chart the course of your future career? Could Engineering be your preferred choice but you are not sure if you have the aptitude for a course in Engineering? And what are the prospects of studying Engineering at a polytechnic?


The IB: Is its curriculum for you?

Is the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme suitable for your child? Is it better than doing the GCE ‘O’ or ‘A’ Levels? What can you expect?

These are some of the questions running through the minds of parents and students when it is time to decide what to do post-PSLE, or sometimes after Secondary 4.


International Baccalaureate… International, What?

Just as many roads lead to Rome, many routes lead to realizing the Singapore Dream too. In the past, the PSLE-GCE ‘O’ & ‘A’ LEVEL route was often considered the most legit path to university for local school children.