Reviews of child-related products and services

Have A New Husband by Friday

"There isn't a woman on this Earth who hasn't wanted, at one time or another, to trade in her husband for a new one. 

Have a new husband by Friday? Is that even possible? To tell you the truth, it's a scam. You can have a new husband by Wednesday if you do it right. Even better, there's no need to trade your man in for a newer model; all he needs is a little tune-up. You can change your husband's attitude, behaviour, and communication in just 5 days.


The Great Panda Chase (great tools for online learning)

It all started when daddy feels that the iphone screen is too small, and is bad for the eyes.  Me, of course, objected as DS is already glued to the screen and I think he is ADHD. Adding more gadgets will just give more excuses for the little one to spend more time on electronic devices.  But daddy went ahead and bought a laptop and tablet.


HP Print Apps - An Alternative to Assessment Books?

Once in a while, a good idea would come along and transform the industry. In many cases, the idea can be very simple but yet so obviously useful that it leaves others wondering why they did not think of it.

Hewlett Packard's newly launched Print Apps collaboration with the local powerhouses in providing academic content - SAP and OnSponge - is a potential game changer in how content is created and delivered in Singapore. At a time where many publishers are embracing the digital medium as their primary channel, HP Print Apps provide a refreshing approach of marrying both digital and print media to deliver customised content to consumers.


Kidz Amaze @ SAFRA Toa Payoh

It was a long queue into the carpark yesterday @ SAFRA Toa Payoh, the spanking new addition to the SAFRA family of clubs. But what greeted us at the basement carpark was pretty.


The Writing Road To Reading

I've had some experience with helping my 3 kids (now 11 years, 10year & 6 years) with handwriting.

First of all, I'm guilty of not realizing that writing is a highly complex task involving so much brain connections fine motor skills which different kids develop at different ages due to their unique developmental age. I now realize from brain science that signs of poor handwriting may be symptomatic of other Brain-related issues eg kids' Visual disabilities/ development delay. But for many children, good handwriting must be taught - it's a skill that needs methodical teaching & learning.


Lego - The Adventures of Clutch Powers

See video

Polliwogs on Children's Day

Wanna share another indoor playground we brought our girls to recently.
DD2's birthday fell on first week of October, after Children's Day to be exact. We brought her to SAFRA Jurong @ The Canopy last year & she loved
it! Actually, we ALL loved it. If you missed that review, click the blue link above to catch up.. 

This year, after much recce-ing... decided to bring the girls to Polliwogs. Down where East Coast Park is.


What Parents Need To Know About Selecting The Right Enrichment Program?

Every year, parents are faced with the same question: how to make the holidays both fun and constructive for their kids. More families are turning to holiday enrichment programs as a way of adding value to the holiday camp experience.

But not all holiday enrichment camps are created equal. Here are some points to consider when evaluating programs for your son or daughter for this holiday.

Does the area of enrichment have any practical application to your child’s academic future?

Several camps position themselves as “enrichment programs” when, in reality, they are glorified and expensive vacations for the students who attend. Do the kids like these camps? You bet. But before signing up, take a good look at the program’s schedule of activities. Close inspection may reveal that there’s far more downtime and unstructured free time than there is quality enrichment.