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Top 10 Early Childhood Education books - Have Fun with Your Children While Teaching Them

With the advent of gadgets and mobile tools we have these days, encouraging your little ones to read books can be quite a challenge. They’d probably much prefer the digital interaction but there’s nothing quite like the tactile feel of books, of flipping its pages, of touching its bindings and feeling its texture. So early on, start instilling in them the love for reading (and physical books) and spend more quality time together with these specially handpicked reading materials that we’re pretty sure, your kids will not only love but will also learn a thing or two from.


GEP and DSA - Findings from KiasuParents-Logicmills Cognitive Testing

We are happy to announce our findings from the experiment we conducted on the cognitive capabilities of our children (between 9-14 year olds) during the Term 3 holidays.  Based on the profile of the children, we have identified some interesting characteristics of various groups that we would like to share with the community.


E-Learning with Print Apps (English Educational Apps)


I finally got my hands on a HP Print App-enabled printer!  Having heard the rave about the SAP and OnSponge Print Apps, I couldn't wait to start trying it out on my Primary Two daughter.  Are my days of hunting for and buying exam papers and assessment books from "top schools" over?  Will my daughter roll her eyes at me when I plonk a ton of assessment papers in front of her?


The Great Panda Chase (great tools for online learning)

It all started when daddy feels that the iphone screen is too small, and is bad for the eyes.  Me, of course, objected as DS is already glued to the screen and I think he is ADHD. Adding more gadgets will just give more excuses for the little one to spend more time on electronic devices.  But daddy went ahead and bought a laptop and tablet.


Out of the Box Kids' Club - Your ideal before and after school care

The First Premium Student Care Centre in Singapore

If you’re looking for before or after school care arrangements for your child as he/she enters primary school, look no further!

Out of the Box Kids’ Club is a premium student care centre founded by 2 working professionals, who are more importantly mothers themselves, with primary school-going children of their own. With the aim of being the ideal before and after school care solution for parents, especially that of working parents, Out of the Box Kids’ Club is a holistic student care centre that takes care of the all-rounded development of each child. In addition to providing academic guidance and school-work supervision, the dedicated and caring team at Out of the Box Kids’ Club also ensures that each day for the children is filled with a host of fun enrichment activities.


Getting Ready for Primary 1

Is your child entering Primary 1 next year? Are you starting to feel stressed, anxious or worried about how your child will settle into the school environment? Will he/she make friends? Will he/she be able to learn well and enjoy a great start to their learning journey?

Entering Primary 1 can be a very exciting time for a child and the parents but it is also a time of great adjustment and transition. And a well-prepared child will look forward to school and settle in much more smoothly.

How then can parents make sure their child is well-prepared and ready to learn?


A Mother and An Educator

As an independent platform for commercial education services in Singapore, we have seen many discussions on various service providers.  The happy customers sing praises, the unhappy ones rage and swear, while the skeptics would raise an eyebrow now and then as they critically assess the comments and tear them down as biased or irrelevant.  Yes, critical reviews are fun to write and read.

Occasionally, we do come across some educators who stand out of the crowd, and yet remain hidden, because it is not in the nature of these truly good educators to actively promote themselves.  Education is about changing people's lives, to find ways to empower and encourage students to challenge their limits.  Each step taken by their students, no matter how small, is significant progress in the eyes of these passionate educators.


Deal with your Child’s Careless Mistakes

Spotting careless mistakes in your child’s work is a common but frustrating occurrence for many parents, especially if these mistakes cost marks in an important assignment or during the examinations.

And I’m sure many parents have well-intentionally reminded their children to “Be more careful with your work” or “Remember to double-check after you finish” And yet, these reminders do not seem to work much effect.

Well, besides reminders and patience, we can adopt a more ACTIVE approach to nip this issue in the bud and empower the child to build the ability and keen-ness towards details and ‘subtle’ differences in his/her work.