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Liven Dull Skin & Rejuvenate Youthfulness

Keeping up with the kids is often an exhausting task; this toll can deteriorate our skin texture and quality. Winner of the Singapore Promising Brand Award 2013/2014, Fresver Beauty offers an Age Defender Lite Therapy that helps liven dull skin and restore youthfulness.

Using an especially formulated DHA Replenish Treat, we boost your skin’s hydration levels and locks in that moisture for an extended period of time. To pamper your delicate eye area, the Youth Activator Eye Treatment is a relaxing session that rejuvenates tired eyes, making them appear brighter and well-rested.

To make an appointment, please call or SMS to 9011 1234 from Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm and quote "Banner-KSParents"

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Review - Eye Level Learning Centre

Eye Level Learning Centre was previously known as Enopi Math.  It offers

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It is a known fact that Singapore Primary School Mathematics (Singapore Math) is world class and offers a rigorous syllabus that focuses on problem solving and heuristics, rather than rote learning.  Developed back in the 1980s, the syllabus has evolved and is now very different from what many parents have studied themselves when they were in Primary School.  To support their children, parents will need to unlearn what they had learnt, and adopt the new model drawing techniques that their children have to master in order to pass their examinations.


Writing Well

English is undisputedly the lingua franca of the world. Being unable to express oneself clearly, either in speech or writing, is likely to set one at a disadvantage. For most children, the aptitude for writing lags behind the aptitude for speaking. In many cases, the former never catches up with the latter, even in adulthood.


Top 10 Early Childhood Education books - Have Fun with Your Children While Teaching Them

With the advent of gadgets and mobile tools we have these days, encouraging your little ones to read books can be quite a challenge. They’d probably much prefer the digital interaction but there’s nothing quite like the tactile feel of books, of flipping its pages, of touching its bindings and feeling its texture. So early on, start instilling in them the love for reading (and physical books) and spend more quality time together with these specially handpicked reading materials that we’re pretty sure, your kids will not only love but will also learn a thing or two from.


GEP and DSA - Findings from KiasuParents-Logicmills Cognitive Testing

We are happy to announce our findings from the experiment we conducted on the cognitive capabilities of our children (between 9-14 year olds) during the Term 3 holidays.  Based on the profile of the children, we have identified some interesting characteristics of various groups that we would like to share with the community.


E-Learning with Print Apps (English Educational Apps)


I finally got my hands on a HP Print App-enabled printer!  Having heard the rave about the SAP and OnSponge Print Apps, I couldn't wait to start trying it out on my Primary Two daughter.  Are my days of hunting for and buying exam papers and assessment books from "top schools" over?  Will my daughter roll her eyes at me when I plonk a ton of assessment papers in front of her?


The Great Panda Chase (great tools for online learning)

It all started when daddy feels that the iphone screen is too small, and is bad for the eyes.  Me, of course, objected as DS is already glued to the screen and I think he is ADHD. Adding more gadgets will just give more excuses for the little one to spend more time on electronic devices.  But daddy went ahead and bought a laptop and tablet.