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The Value Of Boredom

I see boredom as a good thing. Boredom means the child gets the chance to exercise his creativity.

Please do not think you have to constantly stimulate your child or be more "productive" in engaging him. When my kids were this age, they love nothing more than digging into drawers, boxes, cupboards etc. These are great learning experiences.


Success With Flashcards

Hi mummies, every parent has different beliefs. But let me show you how flashcards really works with the correct attitude, method and most importantly dedication from parents.  I started Glenn Doman Math, English and Chinese flashcards with my gal at 4 mths old then progressed to I Can Read flashcards.


Improving Your Child's Handwriting

Hi all, I agree that the computer may have negated the importance of good penmanship, but I feel it is important for other people to be able to read what you have hand-written in a message or postcard.

In fact, some top schools actually get the students to pen their personal statements in their own handwriting during the application for Direct School Admission. Guess, the handwriting is one way the school can tell the attitude and maybe character of the student. I recall that RGS girls in the past, used to have a special form of cursive writing. From the writing, we can even tell that the girl belongs to that school. i wonder if it's still true today.


Teaching Math At Home! - Introducing 1 to 10

In a Montessori classroom this is one simple material used for introducing children to concept of 1 to 10. The material is made from wood, alternately coloured with blue and red, to determine each column as one unit...


Non Verbal Learning Disorder

Many of us have some knowledge of ADHD but I believe not so much on Non Verbal Learning Disorder (NLD or NVLD) which is lesser known.  This is to introduce the information on NLD to parents with child showing the following symptoms* or for your general knowledge (this may be another big “D” present in the market after “ADHD”):


Mastering Geography in Secondary Schools

Secondary One usually need time to handle Geography and score or score well because it is not only a new topic, but the way to score is very different from the usual rote learning-memorise and regurgitate style.



Free Flash Learning Cards

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Standards of Primary One Preparation by Pre-schools

The crux of the problem lies with the P1 ‘standard’ in my opinion.

The "broad curriculum framework"/guidelines given by the ministries are very sound ones based purely on child development theories and I support them 100% (though with cynicism coz these guidelines are mostly on character building / developing life long love for learning / etc with little weightage on academics and this is definitely not many of those kiasu parents want for their kids).

Spelling and tingxie are never part of the guidelines (meaning if a centre does not practice such, it is actually 100% within the guidelines. If a centre gives such, then it maybe not be within the guidelines). “Learning through play” is the key point in the guideline.