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Teaching problem sums

Problem sum is always a problem to most children  (pun intended).

Well before we even talk about problem sum, the child needs to have a strong foundation in what is called mechanical calculation questions. These are simply questions which deals with straight forward calculation. These are what I would call simple mini problems.

Then we go to what used to be called story sums or now known as problem sums.


Why Must We Be Like Others?

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In our pursuit for the best for our children, do stop and ponder over this.

"Why do you have to be like the others?"


About that PSLE Math Exam

As parents, I understand we want the best for our children. We can help by giving them full support and have realistic expectations from them. My 2 elder boys are average students and I don't push them to be top scorers. Though they don't take the university road, they are doing well in their own capacity. I'm very happy that they are well rounded and decent citizens with no vices. 


Understand what problems your child is facing

Do you find getting your child to do his homework a daily problem?

If that is so, you are definitely not alone. Almost all parents I spoke to told me they face this problem very commonly too. It is also one of the most common areas that children and parents fight over.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Mother: DS, can you switch off the TV and go and do your homework?

DS: 10 more minutes, mum.

Mother: What?! 10 more minutes? You have been watching for the past hour! Don’t you have homework to do?

DS: yes, yes… But I don’t feel like doing…

Mother: You are such a lazy boy. Switch off the TV and go and do your homework now!


Montessori Phonics - Introduction To Single Letter Sounds - Lesson 1

There are 3 periods to the tried and tested 3-Period
Lesson in Montessori presentations. The first period
is where we introduce everything in isolation. ie. one
material at a time. Montessori presentations are done
either on a work table or on the floor... and we use work mats to define our work area/space.

Here's the presentation order. 


Is Watching TV Really More Harmful Than Beneficial For Your Baby?

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With more and more videos for babies being produced and the sudden influx of new TV channels aimed at preschoolers, parents are once again asking "should I really let my child watch television?"

My baby Samson started watching TV at 6 months old with incredibly long attention span (an awesome hour!). I bet many of you would have screamed at me "YOU TERRIBLE MOTHER"!  I can't help it.  He is an active baby and when I played the babysongs, that's the only time I can get some quiet moment for myself while he enjoys. 

Is watching TV really more harmful than beneficial for your baby?

There are two school of thoughts.

One says that babies under two years of age should not be allowed to watch any TV; the other says that limited amounts of high-quality educational TV accompanied by adult interaction are fine - and may even be beneficial. When DVDs are used correctly, the repetition and familiarity they provide can actually aid learning.


Preparing A Child For Primary One (Non-academic)

Let me share some experiences with you on non-academic aspects:


Ask These Questions If Your Child Says He/She is Bored in Class

I am sure parents have encountered children saying that school is boring and they don’t feel like studying. As we know, ineffective parents will simply scold them and make the problems worst. Well, the fact is that there are many boring teachers and boring subjects in the world. Even I, as a Study Grandmaster agree to it as I have encountered many teachers who simply talk and talk, paying no attention in spicing up the class. Learning to make a boring situation more interesting is important for your child’s learning environment. It’s also a valuable skill for real life.

Here are some questions to ask your child:

Are you up to date on your studying and your homework?

Students who don’t have the basic foundation for what the teacher is saying are bound to be bored.