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Free Flash Cards - Animal ABCs


This set of cards covers the letters A-Z. For each flash card with a letter, an animal associate with the letter is introduced.

The animals covered in this set of cards are:

Antelope, Bee, Camel, Duck, Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Horse, Iguana, Jaguar, Koala, Ladybird, Monkey,


Teaching Maths At Home! - Indirect Teaching

Heyya guys,  I know Christmas is sooooo over, but you can actually use songs like Jingle Bells for indirect approach to learning.

Though when its time to listen to instructions & the continuous naggings from us, the children don't really seem to be using much of their auditory... when it comes to music, they LIKE.

Indirect learning is like how mincy adds the mathematical terms in her daily conversations with her child. Months of the year can also be carried out without having to do official sitting down kinda work..

We can be in the kitchen and singing aloud... Say, we use the tune to Jingle Bells to sing the Months of the year like this...


Understanding Changes In Children

Hi there, I have seen many little children giving headache to parents.

A few things to note when they throw tantrums, are hard to understand, speak less with parents, refuse to share secrets, get restless or give up easily, or dun even bother to try in many interesting activities you provided. Sad


Phonics Snap - Memory Game

This set of flashcards is nice to play to promote fun learning of phonics through memory game.

It also comes with a spell guide, like for you to check all the possible words that can be made with all the cards.

I had fun playing this with my girls and my early readers' students! So, thought wud be good to share with everyone here, since there has been quite a few posts relating to challenges posed in learning phonics.

The same kind of cards also has extensions for blends and digraphs stage. This one is mostly 3-letter phonetic stage and a few blends like st, sh, ch.. etc.


Children's Careless Mistakes

One of my child's Maths teacher told us this. If you keep saying to your child "Why are you so careless ?", he will only remember the word "careless". You should be saying, "Be more careful next time" more often than using the word "careless", then he / she will remember to be careful.

I think a few careless mistakes are fine. Then there will be room for improvement. Even as adults, we can be careless at times. You should be more alarmed if you find that your child is not understanding the question or concept or not knowing where to start solving the problem.

The number of careless mistakes tend to decrease as they grow older. If I can categorize the careless mistakes, I think they normally fall under


Balancing Pursuit of Excellence with the Quality of Life

Do you agree children nowadays live in a pressure-cooker-like environment? At my child's CCA talk for parents, the head of CCA actually told us candidly that CCAs in that school are NOT FOR RECREATION! Indirectly, the school is sending out the message that we, as parents, should ensure that our kids are 'competition material'. Stressed....Stressed.....

A CCA in Sports, UG or PA is compulsory. However, the student has to go through selection tests to get into any of them.

I am very sad to learn that one of the Sec1 students in a top school had collapsed and passed away over the weekend while undergoing his private sports training. Who knows, he may be pushing himself to train hard for his CCA trial. Crying or Very sad

Just one or two months ago, it was reported in the Papers that a sec school boy also jumped to his death over disagreement with his parents/teacher regarding his CCA choice!


Kindergarten versus Child Care

I'm all up for a Kindergarten programme! But only if you're a stay home parent or have a reliable caregiver. Cos kindy prgs are usually only few hours and solely academic learning. Children have less clingy issues due to short hours compared to childcare esp the full day childcare. So kindy children adapt slightly faster in my opinion. Less heart pain for parents, esp those who cannot stand their children crying for such a long time.

Childcare has all the care there is to supposedly substitute home while parents are both at work with no alternative caregiver. ie. b'fast, lunch, snack, sleep time, shower, plus the academics, etc...

Price wise, kindy cheaper. Extra $$$ can put in fun enrichment pgrm for children, ie. ballet, piano, speech & drama, etc


It Just Takes Time and Patience

I used to write the number '2' in mirror image and was SLAPPED by my P1 teacher then. She said something like I was stupid that had repeated the same mistake despite being told and shown the correct ones.

I was made to stand outside the class when I handed in a correction page with her big '2' and many boxes of my reversed '2'.

Those incidents were so humiliating that I could remember until now.

It was just the way my brain 'saw' the number then that no matter how much slapping or scolding would not change the way my brain 'saw' the number (somehow, my mirror just applied to '2' and not the 'b' and 'd'. Maybe it did happen to the 'b' and 'd' but my English teacher then didn't correct me). It self corrected itself a few months into P1.