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Memory Magic - Super Flash


Like lots of other parents, I have gone through my fair share of buying those hard-to-resist educational software for my pre-school kids.  And like lots of other parents, I have ended up often banging my head against the monitor wondering why the software insists that I need to install some prehistoric version of Quicktime when I already have the latest one installed.  I know if I throw caution to the wind and click on the Proceed-To-Install-And-Screw-Up-My-System button, it will be Hello-It's-Time-To-Find-My-Windows-Installation-Discs-And-Reinstall-My-System-Again.

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Attend a LogicMills® Trial on Thinking Skills

Analytical Thinking Skills™ improves a child’s problem-solving and decision-making ability, and is integral to succeeding in today’s knowledge economy. Children attend the trial, while parents get a chance to speak with members of the faculty. For ages four to 12.

Venue: 3 Simei Street 6, #06-06 East Point Mall, Singapore 528833.

Tel: Pre-registration required. Call 6883-2171 or 6260-1312 to register.

Cost: $15 (waived upon course signup). Trial is FREE for first 5 registrants.


Free Flash Cards - Dinosaurs


This set of cards include some of the more popular dinosaurs shown in films such as Jurassic Park and Walking with the Dinosaurs. The fourteen dinosaurs featured here are : Allosaurus,Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Edmontonia, Parasaurolophus,Tyrannosaurus, Ornitholestes, Diplodocus, Spinosaurus, Utahraptor, Stegosaurus,


Success With Flashcards

Hi mummies, every parent has different beliefs. But let me show you how flashcards really works with the correct attitude, method and most importantly dedication from parents.  I started Glenn Doman Math, English and Chinese flashcards with my gal at 4 mths old then progressed to I Can Read flashcards.


Pyjama Night

Pyjama Night is a collection of 6 short performance of 10 mins each By Act 3 International

Choose from two sets of perforamance:
The Milk & Cookies Set & Pyjama Set

:The Arts House
Date & Time : Saturday March 7 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 8.45pm


Free Flash Cards - Animal ABCs


This set of cards covers the letters A-Z. For each flash card with a letter, an animal associate with the letter is introduced.

The animals covered in this set of cards are:

Antelope, Bee, Camel, Duck, Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Horse, Iguana, Jaguar, Koala, Ladybird, Monkey,


LogicMills School of Thinking

LogicMills School of Thinking is located at:

LogicMills Learning Centre Pte Ltd
155B Bugis Village
Rochor Road
Singapore 188430

Tel: 6883-2171