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LogicMills Trial Class — Analytical Thinking Skills

LogicMills Analytical Thinking Skills Trial Class

Analytical Thinking Skills™ is the science of analyzing and improving our reasoning ability, with a view to improving the quality of our decision making.

The LogicMills® method is fun and brings out your child’s natural curiosity, while teaching systematic problem solving techniques through experiential learning.

The tools we teach are useful both in a child's academic studies, but more importantly, in their everyday life.

Our trial class is a wonderful opportunity for children to have a taste of what a typical ATS® session is like, and for parents to speak with members of the faculty.

Trial Class Details

Venue: 155B Bugis Village, Rochor Road, Singapore 188430
Date: Saturday, 27 February 2010
Time: 12.00 – 1.00pm
Fee: $20 (half price for members of

Pre-registration is required. Please call 6883-2171 to confirm your place.


Right brain or Left brain

Being a teacher, tutor and mum, I've encountered this 'right brain or left brain' discussion many times.

My personal view:

Teachers in school do try to use a variety of teaching methods to ensure students with different learning styles will benefit from the lesson. Gone are the old days of chalkboard & textbooks. Welcome to the new generation of PowerPoints & videos. However, there are also limitations with 40 different students in each class.


Free Flash Cards- Famous Works of Art


This set of flashcards consist of 10 pieces of well known work of art. Work shown include Statue of David, Pieta, The Last Supper, Impression, Sunrise, The Starry Night, The Red Room, Great Wave of Kanagawa, The Scream, The Thinker and Potrait of Adele BlochBauer 1.


Free Flash Cards - Under the Sea



This set of flash cards consist of 5 images of marine creatures. Includes  Clown Fish, Dolphin, Stingray,Sea Turtle, Star Fish.

You need to be registered and login to download the PPS file, Alternatively the editable and printable powerpoint file can be downloaded here



How do I download the flash card? How do I download


First Anniversary in The Shichida Method

A few of my blog readers e-mailed me and asked me for comments on The Shichida Method. After evaluating this program for a year, I do have a few positive comments to share with all of you. My son started this program a year ago when he was 10 months old.
This term, July – Sept 09, marks his first anniversary in The Shichida Method. However, I don’t have any amazing incident to share in terms of his extraordinary achievements as compared to other children. I don’t expect him to turn genius within a year. Neither am I expecting any fantastic results from him.
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Memory Magic - Silly Story And Follow That Dot


Here's another Memory Magic! title, and it's real value for money!  You get 2 titles for the price of 1 CDROM !

Just like the Super Flash title, the Silly Story and Follow That Dot CDROM title are games that require zero installation, and will run within your Internet browser loaded with the Shockwave ActiveX plugin.

As with all Memory Magic! software titles, they are targeted at training the memory of young children, but even as an adult, I enjoy playing them myself too.  Again, if you have been through some brain-training enrichment courses, the memory training techniques propounded by these titles should be very familiar to you.


Memory Magic - Super Flash


Like lots of other parents, I have gone through my fair share of buying those hard-to-resist educational software for my pre-school kids.  And like lots of other parents, I have ended up often banging my head against the monitor wondering why the software insists that I need to install some prehistoric version of Quicktime when I already have the latest one installed.  I know if I throw caution to the wind and click on the Proceed-To-Install-And-Screw-Up-My-System button, it will be Hello-It's-Time-To-Find-My-Windows-Installation-Discs-And-Reinstall-My-System-Again.