Creative O Preschoolers' Bay


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Child care
31, International Business Park, #02 - 01, Creative Resource, Singapore 609921
+65 68954222


Located within the premises of the company Creative Technolog (, Creative O Preschoolers' Bay is a childcare center managed by a professional team of preschool and arts educators.


  • Floor space of 1000 sq meters
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Comfortable sleeping and dining areas
  • Playroom
  • Rythm room


Project Approach

We believe that “Children learn best when they have the interest to learn” and that wanting to learn is from the child’s innate. Kindergarten 1 and 2 use Project Approach to engage children in initiation, participation, exploration, team work and creativity. Each project may last for 10 weeks or more depending on the progress of the project and teacher’s assessment.

Thematic Approach

Use Thematic Approach for Nursery and Playgroup levels.  Each theme may last for 10 weeks or more depending on the progress of the theme and teacher’s assessment.

Arts Education

Arts is part of our curriculum and are conducted by the practitioners from the arts community.  These are Mandarin Speech and Drama, Creative Movement, Visual Art and Physical Education (floor exercise).



Our teachers play the important role of an educator, advisor, facilitator and care provider of all children at the Bay.

All our teachers are trained and are experienced professionals, with at least an Intermediate Certificate in early childhood education and no less than 5 years experience in early childhood teaching.  Some have obtained a Diploma or Degree in Early Childhood Education.  All Arts Teachers are professionally trained in the field of arts and have many years of experience working with children.  They are also active individuals in the theatre, music and visual art scenes in Singapore.

At Creative O, we believe in using arts not only to enhance subject learning, but also to inculcate children's sensitivity to the social and physical surroundings as well as develop children's appreciation of aesthetics.  Thus, our arts teachers must be strongly rooted in the arts community.



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