The Experiential Learning Centre Pte. Ltd.


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Child care
No 9 Grove Drive, Singapore 279050


No 9 Grove Drive, Singapore 279050
1° 18' 49.4136" N, 103° 46' 59.5164" E


The Experiential Learning Center

Hi Parents:
Am looking around for an alternative school to move my N2 DS to next year....
Wwould appreciate any feedback on Experiential Learning Center...what is it that you like about the school? and areas that they can improve on?
Does each class has an English and Chinese teacher together or do they break away for Chinese classes?
They seem to have interesting add ons like Gym, Japanese....are they tring to do too much and achieve little? just wondering 
Gwen | Wed, 04/08/2010 - 11:22am

The Experiential learning centre (TELC)

Hi cookiecreature

I have two children at TELC, one in K2 and another in N2. 

The teachers, the admin staff, the cleaner to the cook are very friendly and nice.  They have quality teachers from all the way from PG to K2 as Ms Peggy Zee had taken great care to recruit them.  The turnover rate is very low, if I can remember correctly there is only a change of an English teacher for my oldest boy while he was in N2.  

I cannot make any comparison to Caterpillar Cove however hear that they are good but their charges are ex.

My elder were there since PG and no. 2 since N1.  The teachers are firm but caring, they are consistent too which I like. 

You may check out their new website, take a look at the photographs seems that the children are enjoying themselves.

You could contact the principal to find out more, she is teaching the K1 and K2 English. 


jccmum | Wed, 29/07/2009 - 12:47am

Experiential learning centre

If more than 50% of their old staff are still there after the change of management, can consider.  Else better stay put in Caterpillar Cove or find another one if budget is a constraint...



insider | Thu, 18/06/2009 - 5:29pm

Experiential learning centre

Hi Chief,

Hv u visited the Experiential Learning centre Pte ltd yourself.  Can you give me your opinion.

Currently my daugther is attending Caterpillar Cove and due to cost, I am thinking of moving her n my 2 years old son to the Experiential Learning Centre pte ltd (saver of 250 per month each child)

Thought if you can advise me your thought.


cookiecreature | Thu, 18/06/2009 - 1:34pm

The Experiential Learning Centre

This pre-school is parked in the SIM campus next to Ngee Ann Polytechnic.  Heard great things about the school, one of which is that the principal is a truly dedicated child educator.  Should at least take a look if you stay or work around that area.

ChiefKiasu | Wed, 13/02/2008 - 10:57am