The Little Skool-House On-the-Hill


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Child care
Singapore General Hospital, 226 Outram Road SGH Sisters Quarters Singapore 169608
+65 6325 0129

Children's literature is used as the foundation upon which sequential and phonics with learning are based. In addition reading, writing, listening, speaking and problem solving activities are integrated into the multiple intelligence activities as related extensions for each story.

This allows them to acquire knowledge and express their inquisitive minds. It also helps to develop their life-long learning skills.

We have found that experiences and identification with the settings and characters in the stories are key factors to children's understanding of their world, enabling them to communicate with their environment more readily. This process enables them to make emotional connections to the text and learning facilities, facilitate the development of their attention span, memory, processing skills and comprehension.

Throughout, the children are surrounded by a language-rich environment. As libraries and reading areas are integral parts of every classroom, the children learn to love books by reading on their own or with their peers. They develop a deep appreciation for reading and this is extended to creative writing and other expressions like art and performance.

The Little Skool-House offers programmes for children between 2 months to 6 years old.

The admission structure and teacher-child ratio are as follows:


The Steps Programme- The bi-lingual Literature-based approach

Our core curriculum uses meaningful children’s literature to seed the essential learning concepts and helps develop children to become effective communicators, independent thinkers, inquirers, creative innovators and risk-takers.

The Builders Programme- Project work approach

The Reggio Emilia approach is undertaken at The Little Skool-House where children participate in projects which act as vehicles of learning as well as platforms of application of the concepts learned. The topics of inquiry are largely led by children’s interests.


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