Rank Your Top Primary Schools In Singapore (2010)

Our simple poll done earlier shows that almost a quarter of the community did not consider any of the top 15 schools we have listed to be a "Top" Primary school.  We have decided to create an advanced poll so that the community are able to fine-tune and say exactly which are the schools they consider to be "Top" schools.

A "Top" school is really very subjective and can be due to academic or sporting excellence, or very strong in character building or has a very good faculty.  The purpose of this poll is to capture which the community really think are the best schools for their children based on what they know of the school.  This can then be used as another yardstick for new parents coming on-board to select a school for their children.  Help us by selecting which you think are the top 3 schools.

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all good schools with good environment

luik | Wed, 13/08/2014 - 10:11am