School Maturity vs. School Readiness


Sometimes, we may confuse a child’s level of school maturity with his/her readiness for school learning. No doubt these two concepts are related; but they are actually referring to quite different aspects of a child’s development.

School maturity usually refers to the biological growing process in a child’s development, in other words, has the child reached the age for certain levels of education. For example, when a child is 5 years old, they are usually ready for Kindergarten 1 and when they reach 7 years old, its time for them to enter Primary 1.

However, a child’s biological maturity does not guarantee that he/she will automatically be ready for learning at the ‘expected’ level.

Therefore, it is also important for parents to understand their child’s school readiness – which is a broad term which may include the child’s intellectual readiness, social readiness, motor readiness and emotional readiness.

While we cannot hasten a child to mature faster biologically through external factors; we can, however, help a child to develop school readiness by providing them with the right stimulus to aid them in learning more effectively.

It is important for parents to understand that ‘No child becomes ready for school on their own’. It is a process that can be and needs to be guided and encouraged.

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Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing :)

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tks for sharing

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Thanks Phantom for sharing it.... I always wonder how can I define if the child is ready for P1?

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