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25 Dover Close East, Anglo-Chinese Junior College Sports Complex, Singapore 139745
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APS Swim Club is probably better known as Ang Peng Siong's Swim School.

Give Your Child An Asset For Life

Swimming, apart from its LIFE PRESERVING function is a universally recognized activity for the promotion of good health and well-being.  Here at APS, our philosophy is to inculcate and share the joy and love of swimming for all; to inspire and encourage young children to reach their aquatic goals because we believe TO SWIM WELL IS AN ASSET FOR LIFE!

The APS Commitment

Derived from the initials of our Principal and Olympian, Mr. Ang Peng Siong, the APS Swim School is set up with the aim to promote and teach the sport of swimming with an element of professionalism.  With that as our focus, all of us at APS Swim School are dedicated to provide a transparent, comprehensive, structured and systematic syllabus of teaching and learning.  Hence, the APS Swim School is registered with the USSSA (United States Swim School Association), ASCA (America Swim Coaches Association).


An 8-station program designed for children with a structured approach. Course includes Breath Management, Body Balance. Floating, Basic Water Safety, and Swim Stroke Technique in Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly.

Our design of the program is as follows:

  1. Bubbles – we address the essentials of breath management – learning breath exchange through the mouth and nose, breath control. Achieve body balance, streamline body position and safe water entry.
  2. Kick – teach the proper mechanics of kicking which is the key element of movement in water for any swimming strokes. Develop basic coordination in accomplishing rhythmic breathing and kicking. Achieve ease in floating on the back for basic safety.
  3. Stroke – Progress on to learn the basic safety stroke for personal water safety. Gain confidence through height jumps and submersion.
  4. Front Crawl
  5. Breaststroke
  6. Backstroke
  7. Butterfly
    • Moving on towards stroke acquisition to equip your child on knowing the proper stroke execution of the above-mentioned.  We place great emphasis on teaching STROKE TECHNIQUE.  The latter is parallel to the English Language - as precise grammar is the rule to the language - A Precise Stroke is the Only Stroke! Indispensable skills such as Starts, Turns and Finishes of each swim stroke are introduced.
  8. Graduation – Reinforce stroke performance to achieve efficiency.  Stamina building through increased distance swimming.  The execution of the Individual Medley where all the 4 strokes are featured into one event with Starts, Turns and Finishes is taught.  The emphasis and focus of the Learn-to-Swim program is executing proper stroke technique.
  9. The add-on of Bronze, Silver and Gold Survival Certification will be tested periodically.


Anglo-Chinese Junior College Sports Complex
25 Dover Close East
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