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101 Beach Road The 101 #02-01 Singapore 189703
+65 63385090
+65 63384028

Previously Known as Trio Centre Pte Ltd

Little Neuro Tree is the first Neuro-Linguistic Brain Development Programme Centre in Singapore for children from age 3-month to 5-year old. It is a unique tri-lingual programme using brain stimulation technologies to build knowledge, confidence and love for learning.

What We Do

We nurture the brain of your child through fun activities and meaningful tasks in 3 different languages. We provide a stimulating environment to ensure that classes are challenging and engaging.  We also provide parents through issues on Home Practice.

In Little Neuro Tree your child can develop

  • Creativity
  • Keen interest in languages
  • Music Appreication
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills (IQ)
  • Skills that last a lifetime
  • Social Skills (EQ)
  • Teamwork

101 Beach Road The 101
#02-01 Singapore 189703

English Preview Talk:
Saturday, 11.00am

Mandarin Preview Talk
Saturday, 2 pm

If you are unable to make it on Saturday, kindly call us during our operating hours to register for other Preview Date.

About Your Instructor

  • Every instructor is adequately-trained with experience.
  • Every instructor is creative.
  • Every instructor has an affinity for children.
  • Every instructor has an open heart to assist daddy and mummy in their child(ren).

Operation Hours
The Centre is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and public holidays. Classes are available from Thursdays till Sundays. The time-slots are indicated on the application form.

Mode of Registration
1. New application
For new applications, parents are required to complete the official registration form and submit it with a passport-sized photograph of your child, a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate and the annual membership fees. Upon allocation of a place, the term fees must be paid in advance to confirm the placement. A class will only be confirmed if it has 3 or more paid-up children. The Centre reserves the right to reject any incomplete or inaccurately completed application or to cancel any allocation of places for which the term fees remains unpaid when the programme commences.

2. Continuing students
For continuing students to confirm their reservation of places, all fees for the next term must be paid in full by the end of the tenth week of the current term, or any other dateline as may be determined by Management.

Mode of Payment
Full payment of all fees must be made either by cash or cheque (payable to Trio Centre Pte Ltd) before the start of the programme

About Your Child
If you child is from 3-month to 5-year old, he is welcomed to Trio Centre.

About You
One parent will stay in the class to learn with the child. He or she can spend the precious one hour with the child to develop a closer bond.

About Your Class
A class of  4 to 6 children in the same age group enables your child to learn well in a small team.

Consequently, your instructor can guide each child with more focus and attention.


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ChiefKiasu | Sat, 15/05/2010 - 12:37am

Little Neuro Tree

To be exact, they have 6 centres all over singapore now. Pretty amazing after knowing they're expanding only within 1 years.

x140hu31 | Tue, 06/01/2009 - 5:35pm

Little Neuro Tree

Wow...I'm quite surprised that within such a short span of time, Little Neuro Tree has expanded to so many branches within the island!...unlike The Shichida Method, which took a few years to establish itself before expanding to just 2 centres...

sunflower | Mon, 03/11/2008 - 4:17pm

Trio Centre

Spoken to one of the Shichida staff a couple of months ago in April to check on its programme and cost.  Was told that classes are all full and I have to pay a deposit to put my name in the waiting list for Jun/Jul class.. My conclusion and impression of it? Very "money-oriented". Didn't bother to put name on the wait list.

Have attended Igenius booth during the recent exhibition at Marina Square. They are offering quite similar right-brain program as Shichida. It is not cheap but compare to Shichida, its cheaper. The big minus point that resulted in me hesitating to sign up for it was the upfront $3200+(promotional price)  fees for the 15 months' lesson. Well, you can use UOB card to pay and get 12 months' instalment but my concern is that "what if my daughter doesn't like to attend after a few lessons?"  You can't withdraw halfway and the center is not going to refund the fee. I understand that you can attend a trial lesson but the cost will be $100 per lesson.

As I am very keen to put my daughter in a right-brain program, I have also checked on Trio Centre. The buidling is rather old,  premise is quite small and I agree with you that it is not as grand as Shichida. Nevertheless, I like the fact that fees are paid on a termly basis and their fees are cheaper compare to Shichida and Igenius. I was told that they are going to open another branch in the East. Might sign up then as we are living in the East. Hopefully, the premise and facilities will be better than the current one.

Belle | Thu, 10/07/2008 - 12:11am

Trio Centre - Little Neuro Tree

OK... I finally signed up my 3yo daughter in Trio Centre.  That ends my months of being wait-listed on Shichida with no return calls what-so-ever from Shichida's customer service.  See u later, Shichida!

I got my ever-so-sceptical wife to sit in the first session.  They refused to let both of us into the room despite my protests.  So I had to contend myself by sitting on the bench outside (which quickly became uncomfortable after some minutes of use), and yakking away with Trio Centre's boss David Ng just before he started his weekly sales pitch session for other parents.  He's a little defensive, but still a pretty nice guy.

Anyway... some more tidbits I gathered:

1. About 5 of their trainers were ex-Shichida trainers.

2. For a new company, they are growing fast - since the last time I was there they added another classroom.  Now there are 4.  Each classroom accomodates at most 5 or 6 students with one of their accompanying parents.  The rooms appear to be arranged in a fashion similar to Shichida's.

3. Each week, the kids are exposed to a different language.  3 languages are used - English, Chinese, Japanese.

4. Parents are expected to obtain their materials from some recommended websites and other sources.

5. They just renamed their programme to Little Neuro Tree.

6. The trainers all seem very enthusiastic and earnest in liking their students.  I guess this makes the kids feel very welcome and enjoy the lessons.

My wife came out of the class looking quite impressed, so I guess the lesson passed her judgement, which, knowing my wife, is really a major achievement in itself .  Next week is my turn... will report more then.

PS. While waiting on that hard bench, I saw a little girl, no older than Primary 1, working on her maths assessment book.  As I watched, she looked at the equation 559 + 43 = ? and promptly wrote down 13 without so much as stopping to work out her sums.  I was giggling mentally and shaking my head, until I got a bit closer and saw that the question was actually: 559 divide 43 = ? !!  I was totally impressed as I had to pull out my phone to use its calculator to confirm the answer myself!  The workbook is from E&P Learning Place.  To me, this is a much more effective testimony of the value of the enrichment service than any amount of sales talks.

ChiefKiasu | Mon, 07/07/2008 - 2:53pm

Trio Centre

Sounds good... near my place some more.  I just called them up.  Apparently S$600 for 1 term (3 months).  Materials are extra.  Every Saturday they conduct preview classes for parents.  Some of the teachers were formerly from Shichida.  Focus and lessons taught in 3 (!!) languages - English, Chinese and Japanese.

I will check them out this Saturday.

ChiefKiasu | Tue, 13/05/2008 - 1:05pm

Trio Centre Preview

OK... I finally managed to attend the free Trio Centre preview today.  They hold such sessions twice per Saturday, on 11am and 2pm.

Their facilities in The 101 are definitely smaller and not as grand as Shichida's in Toa Payoh, but they are not exactly shabby either.

It appears that most operators of such courses believe that ALL parents need to be first convinced that they need external help when it comes to educating their children.  Like a number of other talks I have attended, more than half the session was spent on telling parents why they need such training.  I was thoroughly bored as this was simply preaching to the converted.  I was hoping that they would spend more time explaining their methodology in depth, or at least show some videos of what happen in their classes.  All they mentioned were a couple of slides listing the activities that were said to be done in class, with zero elaboration about each specific activity.  In fact, they even said that the techniques were simply those commonly found on the Internet, and very similar to those offered by Shichida and Glenn Doman.  They also said that they will direct parents to online resources where they can download and make their own materials for training their children at home.  So we were to sign up on faith based on what they said were 6 very successful operating months with good feedback from parents who are already in the course.

I can only take comfort from the fact that some of their trainers were ex-Shichida, and that they currently have spaces immediately for my child.  Being so new, they really do not have any track record.  Their main difference is their focus on multi-languages such that children will be exposed to a different language (Chinese, English, Japanese) each time they come to class.  Also, their prices are somewhat cheaper than Shichida, going at $600 for weekends and $550 for weekdays.

In summary, I would recommend Trio Centre to parents who are currently on the never-ending waiting list for Shichida, or who do not want to "pay to wait".  Try them out while waiting out Shichida, and continue with them if they fit your bill, otherwise, you can always shift to Shichida when the places open up.  It is too bad Trio Centre no longer holds actual hands-on trials for children and parents to experience.

ChiefKiasu | Sat, 21/06/2008 - 8:00pm

Trio Centre

Hallo Chief, care to share your preview at Trio Centre?  I am thinking of enrolling my girl-3 yrs to either Shichida/Trio Centre and wondering which is better?

HappyAvon | Wed, 18/06/2008 - 10:54am

Similar to Shichida Method

This is a newly opened centre that is very similar to Shichida Method

phantom | Tue, 13/05/2008 - 10:50am