Living Sanctuary Kindergarten


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2 Hougang Street 22, Bethesda Ground Singapore 538728
+65 62833373

a place for your children to grow, learn, and be loved!


We aim to help each child develop to the fullest of his or her ability physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and morally.
We believe every child has the potential that can be nurtured early in a stimulating, caring and learning environment.
We believe that through affirmation and encouragement, every child will develop emotionally and socially.
Thus, we seek to nurture every child in all aspects of his or her development.

Our Curriculum Aims ...

Language: Chinese/English

  1. To encourage and develop language and communication skills through listening and speaking, reading and writing, using the whole language approach.
  2. To use phonics as a tool to develop competency in reading.

Computer-Aided Lessons:

  1. To provide computer-aided education to enhance learning.
  2. To familiarize children with computer vocabulary and knowledge in handling a basic keyboard and mouse.


  1. To provide hands-on activities for matching, sorting, patterning and discriminating sizes, shapes, weights and lengths.
  2. To develop the ability to count and do simple arithmetic.

National Education:

  1. To instill a sense of national pride and identity through telling stories and legends of Singapore, and participating in pledge-taking and singing of National Anthem. 
  2. To develop and appreciate the value of cultural diversity.

Our Physical Curriculum Aims ...

PE/Outdoor Activities:

  1. To provide freedom of movement that will develop motor skills and body coordination.
  2. For social interaction and to develop social skills.

Music & Movement:

  1. To encourage listening to music that will develop one's appreciation for music.
  2. To develop the awareness of beats and rhythms through singing songs and playing percussion instruments.

Mother Tongue Offered:

  • Chinese




I've registered my boy at

I've registered my boy at Living Sanctuary Kindergarten.  Any reviews or comments on this kindergarten?

trustinggod | Wed, 12/08/2009 - 12:58pm

You made the right choice.

You made the right choice. This kindergarten receives some awards lately. I think is good because my daughter was there and she loved going to school. Cheap fees. But long waiting list.

mocha1 | Wed, 24/11/2010 - 11:55pm