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511 East Coast Road, Singapore 429064
63469511/6346 9611
+65 6346 9811

NAFA (SYT) Arts Kindergarten is the first and only Arts Kindergarten in Singapore, It is the “junior extension” of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), a 67 years leading arts institution in the region, providing both academic and arts education in music, art and dance to pre-school children.

To further strengthen the arts education, NAFA has entrusted its well-established School of Young Talents to manage the Kindergarten, with an aim to achieve teaching excellence in grooming children into refined young talents dedicated in every pursuit of their lives.

Arts contributes to the overall development of a child

  • Arts education improves the aesthetic development of a child
  • Arts activities enhance the socio-emotional, socio-cultural and cognitive development of a child
  • Arts activities improve the academic achievement of a child
  • Prepare a child for the primary education



Develop NAK into a leading cutting-edge model of Arts-based Kindergarten


To advocate excellence for children’s early learning by providing quality preschool education; incorporating arts program that support creative thought, growth, and expression in children.


We believe that children are creative thinkers, illustrators and active learners.


  • 3 playgrounds for: water play, sand play, tricycle track and PLAY equipment
  • 8 classrooms for creative pre-school learning
  • 1 Art room
  • 2 music room with 25 electronic keyboards
  • 1 dance room
  • Dedicated dining area for snack

Admission Procedures

A class and a date of commencement will be allocated to your child upon confirmation of registration. If a place is not available, the application will be placed on waiting list.


NAFA Art Kindergarten Registration Form

Waiting List Form

Documents needed

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • NRIC of parents
  • Child's and Parents passport sized photographys
  • Immunization record / Certificate of Vaccination

Fees & Other Charges

  • 3 to 6 Years old
    • S$500.00 (per month)
    • S$250.00 (June / December Fees) S$500
  • Registration Fee
    • S$100.00 (non-refundable)
  • Deposit
    • One month school fee
  • Insurance
    • S$5.00 / yearly (non-refundable)
  • Academic Program
    • S$250.00 / yearly (non-fundable)
  • Art Materials
    • S$300.00 / year (non-fundable)
  • Music Books
    • Will be advised yearly (non-fundable)
  • Dance Costumes
    • S$60.00 / set - boys
    • S$65.00 / set - girls
  • Uniforms
    • S$25.00 per set (min 2 sets)
  • PE Attire
    • S$20.00 per set

All fees are subject to GST charge.


The Kindergarten’s curriculum is built around the seven domains:

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Scientific Thinking
  • Social Studies
  • The Arts
  • Physical Development

It is planned according to the six key principles under-pinning the Ministry of Education curriculum framework:

  • A holistic approach to development and learning
  • Integrated learning (Thematic and Project Approach)
  • Children as active learners
  • Adults as interested supporters in learning
  • Interactive learning
  • Playing as a medium for learning

Developing confidence, positive interactions and cooperative play

Appreciation of books, understanding of ideas and writing activities

Math skills woven into the curriculum

Observing and investigating the wonders of nature

Enhancing coordination, balance and strength

The Arts programmes affiliated to NAFA School of Young Talents are conducted daily in developing the artistic sensibilities of the young children.

Music (twice weekly)

To inspire children’s interest in music and develop their musical talents through specially designed music program by SYT.  Under the guidance of experienced SYT music teachers and parental cooperation, students will receive professional training in sight-reading, aural and performance skills. Children with potential will be recommended for SYT-NAK Music Integrated Program.

Dance (once a week)

To express imaginations and emotions through body movements with rhythm. Children are eligible to join SYT Dance Programs Preparatory Year 2 upon graduation.


 Art (twice weekly)

To involve children in basic art making using various mediums to express personal ideas creatively.



NAFA Arts Kindergarten (Derbyshire)
No 2 Derbyshire Road, Singapore 309458
NAFA Arts Kindergarten (East Coast)
511 East Coast Road, Singapore 429064


NAFA Arts Kindergarten

The NAFA Arts Kindergarten is undoubtedly one of the premier and most coveted pre-schools sought after by parents of all walks.  It's integration of arts-based enrichment activities with child care is second to none.  Highly recommended to all, but be prepared to be wait-listed for a long time.

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