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1, Bukit Teresa Road Singapore 099757
+65 62730096
+65 62731710
School Mission: 
A Christ-centred school community where all work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of the pupils who are disadvantaged in any way.
School Vision: 
Every child is a GIFT (Gracious Citizen, Independent Learner, Forthright Individual, Talented and Wholesome Person)
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61, 124, 143, 166
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2002. PSLE+

2006. PSLE Overall Passes 100%

2007. PSLE Overall Passes 100%.

2007. PSLE+

PSLE Results

Overall Percentage Passes

  % Overall % Overall National
2005 100 97.8
2006 100 97.7
2007 100 97.7

Percentage Passes By Subjects

  2005 2006 2007 2008
  % School % National % School % National % School % National % School % National
English Language       97.5 100  97.9  100 97.5
Chinese       97.9  99.3 97.9 98.5  98.1
Malay       98.3  90.9 98.4 100  98.1
Tamil       98.9  100 98.9 93.3  98.9
Mathematics       84.1  94.4 83.2 92.6  83.1
Science       90.5  95.7 90.2  96.9 90.9
English A/A*  82.0 48.5  65.2 44.0 67.7  44.2  71.8 44.4
Chinese A/A* 85.2  80.9 85.8  81.0 80.6  81.1 83.1  81.4
Higher Chinese A/A* 27.6 18.3 16.0 22.4 44 23.5    
Malay A/A* 20  76.1 28.6  75.0 36.4  75.5 50.0  75.3
Higher Malay A/A* - - 0 12.4 - -    
Tamil A/A* 92.9  78.4 75  86.2 72.7  77.8 80  86.4
Higher Tamil A/A* 25.0 22.3 0 19.6 33.3 29    
Mathematics A/A*  67.3 43.5 61  44.1 60.2  44.0 57.1  43.5
Science A/A*  64.7 43.9 56.7  44.3 47.8  42.6  51.5 43.3

Foundation Stream

  2005 2006 2007 2008
  % School % National % School % National % School % National % School % National
Foundation English           96.7  100  97.7
Basic Chinese            99.3  100 99.0
Basic Tamil            98.7 100  99.1
Foundation Mathematics            82.4 100  81.7
Quality Passes Foundation English 77.8 3.8 71.4 4.0 85.7 8.4 61.5 5.1
Quality Passes Basic Chinese 33.3 17.4 0 18.8 45.5 26.2 20.0 18.1
Quality Passes Mathematics 55.6 8.0 57.1 8.4 35.7 6.4 23.1 8.0
Quality Passes Basic Tamil   22.9   19.6   25.3 33.3 23.2




1° 16' 31.548" N, 103° 49' 40.8" E


How is CHIJ Kellock doing under the new Principal

Hi everyone

I would like to hear from you, especially if you have a child studying at CHIJ Kellock about you opinon of the school.

I understand that the Principal is quite new. How has it been under her leadership? 

Kindly comment on

1. the teachers

2. the culture and ethos of the school

3. academic performance

Thank you!  

rainbowdash | Wed, 11/05/2016 - 4:43pm

Relocation of Kellocks in 2016

hi. would like to know if its confirm of this relocation of the school next yr? heard rumours but cant find any information via moe website.

nurifah | Tue, 23/02/2016 - 1:26pm

Relocation of Kellocks in 2015?

Nice stats.

Any updated news regarding the rumour about the relocation of Kellocks?

MOE website did not state any relocation of Kellocks

greentara | Mon, 02/06/2014 - 3:13pm

Yes it was stated on their

Yes it was stated on their 'letters to parents' in 2013 - upgrading. Check it out.

nemofc | Fri, 18/07/2014 - 11:38pm

Dear Parents

I speak as a former student of CHIJ Kellock who went to CHIJ St Theresa. I am proud to be from an IJ school and like any students, I hate the long hours, the homework and the stressful environment of the school.

However, if you ask me if I am given a choice, would I still choose to go back to IJ Kellock? My answer is Yes. To us, it is the tradition of the school that I miss. The bonds that we had with our peers, the joy and laughter and we unite as one, as an IJ girl.

Parents, believe me, results is not everything. Just look at the students, just look at the alumni, we are proud to be from Kellock and we will bring the IJ values with us, whereever we go. And believe me, this is something, not all schools are able to give their students.

JoanLim | Thu, 01/09/2011 - 1:18pm

CHIJ Kellock long hours for P1 to P6

Hi thought i will share my experience, as i read you folks are thinking of CHIJ vs Radin Mas.
My girl is in CHIJ Kellock. School starts at 7.30am daily. The school extended the school hours to 1.30 on Mon- Thu and up to 3.40pm on Fri. A real Kiasu school. So i am going write to the Principal to ask the rationale. (i suspect to prevent kids skipping CCA, all CCA periods are on Fri mornings and the Examinable subjects are pushed to the late afternoon) I dont see any real benefits in keeping the kids to 3.45 pm. By the time they get home (45mins later?) They will be exhausted and cannot concentrate. When they get home i am sure (like my girl) they will be irritable and cannot recall the lessons conducted that day. She even loses her appetite since she is worn out after a whole week of schooling. She is losing interest.
My son on the otherhand who graduated from Radin Mas (he was in the top class 6M) and is in a SAP Sec school now, had a difierent experience. He got off school before 1.30pm each day, CCA was always within school hours too. He always eager and fresh, looks forward to school when he was in Radin Mas.
I will share the outcome of my feedback to CHIJ's Principal. But any suggestions welcomed.

RegularDad | Wed, 26/01/2011 - 10:52pm

Extended hours

Hi RegularDad

My daughter is studying in CHIJ Kellock too. I do agree with you, I do not see the purpose of the extended hours.

Every Friday after school my daughter first words to me are "Mummy I am very tired. Why are school hours so long?" 

Starting from 7.30am, ending at 3.40pm, totalling 8+ hrs, I think the students of Kellock is working full time like an adult.

Do you get any replies from the Principal regarding your concerns?

Ashlynn | Sat, 12/02/2011 - 12:51am

Extended Hours

Hi Ashlynn,

Thanks for replying. I have not spoken to the Principal yet, as my wife and I are gatheing feedback on this matter.

I had spoken to the Principal last year about the mobile Math and Chinese classes impacting the students and teachers starting and ending lessons on time. You can imagine the logistical requirements to move 40+ students per class around the different floors lugging their school bags. (Plus the inevitable misplacement of books and stationery since students are rushing from one class to another.) The principal told me then she will look into it, but these mobile classes are still practiced this year. In effect, this Principal is already practicing a form of 'streaming of the better/average/poor students" from P2.

So this time round, I am planning to formally gather parents as a group to see or petition to her. Please let me know if you or any othe parent is interested. My timeline to meet her is end Feb-Early Mar.

By the way, please  ask your daughter if she heard the principal announce last week that she wants the school to start earlier on Fridays at 7.15am!!. The reason is because she wants the girls to come improve their spoken English and not use Singlish. Again, will 10mins stop children speaking Singlish? If not, what? Extend the school hours? Again wrong strategy and approach I feel. I am not sending my girl to school at 7.15 am.

I wonder about the morale of the teachers. Can they maintain that level of focus to teach all the way to 3.45pm.


RegularDad | Mon, 14/02/2011 - 12:44am

@RegularDad - CHIJ Kellocks

Hi RegularDad

You may want to post your concerns and wish to gather support in the dedicated parents networking thread for CHIJ Kellock at the forums here

tankee | Mon, 14/02/2011 - 8:52am

What's PSLE results got to do with choosing a school?

I am ever puzzled why parents will look at historical PSLE results of a school to determine if the school is good for his child. 

Let me share a real-life case - 3 to 4 years back, a couple of parents did everything they could to put their firstborn DD into a GEP school (e.g. move house to within 1 km of school, do PV work).  The general notion is that GEP school generally produces students with better PSLE results.  They got their wish as they were successful in their registration under Phase 2B more than 2 years ago.

But it has been a nightmarish journey for these parents ever since their DD started P1 last year.  The girl is an average kid who is also not so self-motivated and also not so academically inclined (likes to draw and dance).  Putting her in a school that provides a rigorous curriculum added tremendous stress to the parents as they had to sit down and help their DD with her schoolwork every evening.  Can you imagine how tiring that can be for the parents, especially after a long day of work?  Needless to say, flaring tempers, sulky faces, shouting and crying all become 'part and parcel' of that household.  Extra  money was also spent to put their DD into tuition classes to help cope with schoolwork as they realised that they could not teach their DD for some subjects (e.g. Maths).

Personally, when come to choosing a school, the most responsible thing for a parent to do for his child is to realistically look at the child's strengths and weaknesses and determine what kind of school environment will be suitable for the child.  Check out the school and its teachers and ask parents who have children in the school of choice to see if the school is suited for your child.  Every school has its strengths and weakness and every child is the same.  If one is able to find a good match between the school and the child, think learning will become a joyful journey for the child.



AppleCrumble | Wed, 28/07/2010 - 3:55pm