About Us

KiasuParents.com is by parents, for parents. We are a community of parents with children under the age of 16 years old. We provide a one-stop platform for concerned parents to network, share their views, questions and concerns regarding parenting and education in Singapore.  We save your effort in trying to Google and piece together your research – we and others like ourselves have already done it for you!  And we want actual parents’ views of the hundreds of enrichment programmes out there, and not just what the sales people want us to believe. So please join us and participate in our forums, reviews and articles so that we can help one another in empowering our children to maximize their potential and, in time, grow into responsible, principled, and caring KiasuParents themselves.

Onboarding Guide for Parents


You are about to join our community of KiasuParents!  Before you begin, please spend sometime reading our onboarding guide for new users, so that you can maximise your enjoyment of our Portal and get down to making and chatting with your new kakis!    

Onboarding Guide as Service Providers

A fundamental challenge facing service providers is how to create awareness so that people come to know of the good services you offer.  In the age of social networks, simply placing an advertisement in print or broadcast media is no longer sufficient.  It is essential that you generate good online sentiment for your product and brand.  Kiasuparents.com not only provides you with a platform to reach out to parents looking for your products and services, but also receive and respond to your customers’ feedback to properly manage your online reputation in a transparent manner.