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叉烧,烧肉. always go hand-in-hand. i’ve tried making the latter, i thought, why not try making the former too? but wait… char siew is so easily available at food centres and food courts but to find one tantalizingly tasty yet easy on the pocket version is so hard to get. i’ve managed to find one not-too-badly done version, however, getting to it meant a long drive, plus jostling with the queueSS and most recently, a price hike (complete with a drop in quality). i had to go back to plan A. make mine at home!

this post was originally to bring the steps to print so that my friends can visualize the steps better, to make it easier for them to try making their own char siew at home.

after sieving through many recipes, i found a simple recipe which do not require me to run out to rummage through the stores for ingredients. recipe is from food canon’s

Pork belly Strips 1kg

1 teaspoon of these

Salt, Sesame oil, Dark (Thick) Chinese soy sauce, White Pepper powder

2 tablespoons of these

Maltose or Honey, Sugar, Oyster Sauce

1 tablespoon of Chinese wine

1 soup bowl of Water

here are my step-by-step pics…

i used about 500g so i’ve halved the marinade. i’ve also added about 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

this is the pork belly i chose.

then i carefully sliced off the skin portion. i’ve cooked the skin portion in bak kut teh (as suggested by augmum)

then as per my usual style, marinated the pork belly in the bag it came in overnight.

next day, heat up the wok. add some oil to coat the wok. squeeze as much marinade off the pork belly and brown the pork belly on all sides.

when browned, add water and extra marinade into the wok and braise/simmer for about 20-30mins (i find that 20mins was enough)

then, remove the pork belly and pour out the remaining liquid in the wok and set aside. next step is to “char” your char siew.

put the pork belly back into the wok using medium heat. spoon in the remaining liquid a few tablespoons at one time. i used a pair of tongs and sorta kept the pork belly moving around the wok so that the marinade liquid doesn’t burn yet carmelised nicely. when the liquid boil/carmelised off, add some more till all marinade liquid is used up.

you should get this end result.

and this is the cross section. :drool:

the wok may look like a disaster but upon soaking, the messiness can be washed off easily. do not worry about washing up. enjoy that first bite (the corner-which is my favourite part 😳 ) it’s worth it! 🙂

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I love char siew

I love char siew

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