045. What Kids Think Of Mummies

4 years old: "My mummy knows everything!"

7 years old: "My mum knows lots of stuff, but teacher knows better"

12 years old: "There are some things my mother do not know."

14 years old: "Of course my mother doesn’t know that either."

16 years old: "Ask my mother? Oh come on, I know much more than her."

18 years old: "There’s no way your mum is more old school than mine!"

25 years old: "OK, maybe she might know a little bit more than I thought…"

35 years old: "How did my mother know how to manage these things?!"

45 years old: "I wonder how my mother would have handled this?"

55 years old: "If only I had listened to my mother…"

65 years old: "I wish I have my mother to talk to."

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