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10 Reasons why Star Cruises is so Kids-Friendly

When I had my first kid, I had no issue travelling often and further, even to United States. My boy started travelling with us to Japan when he was 8 months old. My second kid is more hyperactive and won’t be able to sit still on long flights. So when we were planning for our holiday this time round, we decided to go on a cruise on board Star Cruises SuperStar Gemini. Going on a cruise is hassle-free and very suitable for families with young kids. Here’s why I think so.



Haze-Proof Holiday

Parents are now worried their kids will be exposed to the haze wherever they go. Kids are advised to stay indoors at home as much as possible. Going on a cruise is a haze-proof holiday as we can spend most of our time indoors on board the ship. All the activities are conducted indoors except when disembark at destinations where the ship docked. As a mommy, I do not have to worry about the haze during that few days of my holiday. We eat and play indoors. We can walk from our cabin to the restaurants and activities rooms via air-conditioned covered walkways.

On-board Facilities

There are a lot of facilities suitable for kids on board Star Cruises. Besides the kid’s swimming pool which is very kid-safe, there is also kid’s playroom and a Child Care Centre that provides round-the-clock care for kids from 1 to 12 years old while parents indulge in other activities aboard the cruise. The Child Care Centre is packed with a lot of toys and a television to entertain the kids. There will always be Star Cruises’ staff available in the Child Care Centre to take care of the needs of the kids. My boys enjoyed themselves so much when they were in the Child Care Centre that they even requested to go back to the centre on subsequent days. The staff engaged them in party activities and played games with my boys.


Star Entertainment

Star Cruises will always have performances by famous performers on board the cruise. These performances are specially catered for families with kids such as magic shows, aerobics, comedies, concerts, etc. When my family was on board SuperStar Gemini, my kids really enjoyed the magic show by Terry Parade which is a comedy and juggling show. The other show which a lot of families watched and enjoyed is Sparkles. It is an amazing dance and gymnastic show by a group of acrobats from Russia. These shows are all carefully selected for the entertainment of families.




Junior Cruiser Program

Star Cruise has this Junior Cruiser Program created for kids from 6 to 12 years old. The kids can take part in programs such as pool fun games, table manners classes, dance classes, star gazing classes, fashion shows, etc. I practically want to sign up my elder kid in all the programs as they seemed very interesting to me. Due to time constraint, I only managed to let him participate in the pool games and fashion show. Although it is only a short duration, the program is very engaging for the kids.


There are a lot of kids-related activities for families with kids. We get daily bulletin of the activities that are available on board every day. The kids can do art and craft, cupcake decoration and ice cream contest with their parents. They can also rent games at the activities centre at no cost. We rented some games like Monopoly and Jenga; and spend the evening after dinner playing the games together. It’s really a very good way of relaxing and bonding amongst the family members.

Variety of Food

With the wide variety of food served on board the ship, it will appeal to anyone in the family, especially the kids. The kids can choose from Chinese food, Western food, etc. The restaurants will always have some kids-friendly food to cater to the kids on board. I do not have to worry about my kids not having enough choice of food. Besides, the restaurants will serve food round the clock so when my kids were hungry, I could pop into any restaurant and there would be food available for them.


I will definitely give the thumbs up for the service provided on board, which feels customised for each and every guest. The cruise staff are always on standby to help the guest when in need. This is an important factor that families with young kids will take into consideration when planning for holidays.

Medical Centre

First aid and medical help is crucial for families with young kids. Though I will bring my own medicine for the kids with me on holidays, sometimes there are unforeseen emergency situations when we will require medical assistance. The medical centre is easily accessible with medical staff and equipped with adequate medical necessities.


Parents do not have to worry about the safety of their kids on board the ship. The cruise staff and security staff are around to help if parents need help.

Offshore Packages

Star Cruises offers varied itineraries that allow guests to disembark at certain destinations to tour and shop. They provide packages which are suitable for kids such as underwater sea aquarium, cable car ride, etc. Kids will be able to learn from these trips and enjoy themselves with their parents.

Going on a cruise for families with young kids is really hassle free. Parents do not have to worry about places to bring the kids during the trip. The whole family can just stay indoor with so many programs and activities provided by the Star Cruises. Besides the SuperStar Gemini which travels from Singapore to the Malaysian countries such as Malacca, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Redang and Tioman, Star Cruises also provides holiday packages like SuperStar Virgo Southern Hemisphere Cruise as an alternate year end school holiday destination. For more details, you can check out the Star Cruises website here.

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