12 Wishes For Christmas

Blessed Christmas to all parents and students!

This morning I woke up .. reflecting on the God’s blessing for 2010.

I am thankful for lots of advices from families and friends before my dd started P1 this year. So I decided to compile those valueable thoughts and made them into a mini 12 Suggestions for parents (for 12 days of Xmas? )as Xmas gift

  1. Values
    • If LOCATION is the most important word for buying a property, I believe VALUES is the most important word for raising a child. I rather my child grow up with good values in life rather than with the most intellectual mind
  2. Reading
    • Cultivating Interest in Reading is the first step towards knowledge acquisitions. Read to them, read with them and they will start to read by themselves. Choose books of their interest to cultivate their interest in reading.
  3. Knowledge
    • Acquiring Knowledge is critical to learning. A strong interest to acquire knowledge will generally produce a passion in learning. Do not teach based on what we think they can understand but rather what they can absorb. Sky is the limit, but remember to pull back when they express difficulty in understanding. You will be surprised … sometimes 3 months later they will be able to understand the same concept that they do not understand 3 months ago.
  4. Benchmark
    • Never use our primary school experience as a benchmark for our child’s experience. Society changes, demographics changes, standard living changes over time. What is a norm previously might no longer be a norm today. Yes … the pace of learning has accelerated since our times.
  5. Monitoring
    • To outsource or not to outsource is secondary. Parents involvement is PRIMARY. Parents need to monitor their child’s work consistently. There are many SAHM/SAHD that help their children successfully produced good results without external help. The key is in being involved intheir children’s school work and in monitoring their progress Likewise, for parents who are both working, school work can be "outsourced" but without monitoring, the money and time will go to waste and the result will not be what you are looking for.
  6. Affirmation
    • Affirmation for a child helps in the self-esteem when the child is growing up. Most kids grow up wanting to be like their parents. A word of encouragement and affirmation is like "power boost" to kids. Though some kids might show a "couldn’t be bothered" look, such words of affirmation does get "etched" in their heart.
  7. Trying their Best
    • I once pondered what is a good target (in term of score) for my dd. The final conclusion is that there isn’t any. Always encourage your children to try their best. That means if they finished a test or exam without careless mistakes, but make genuine mistakes, it is ok. All kids made careless mistakes, but with proper checking and "stamina" to keep re-checking, they will overcome it.
  8. Their Interest, not ours
    • Apart from schoolworks, it is also good to expose kids to other area of interest. However, most parents choose what they think is best rather than observe their children’s interest inclination. Remember they are the one learning, training the kids in their respect interest will definitely yield better results.
  9. Performing Arts
    • Speech & Drama, Dance, Acting and Music enrichment can be a great help to boost self-esteem. Someone once said … Performing Arts, especially music, helps to stimulate the brain and helps in learning. In fact more than half of the "gifted/bright/smart" children knows how to play at least one instrument.
  10. Visual Arts
    • Art and Craft allows a better understanding of one’s inner self. Many kids draw to express themselves knowingly or unknowingly. Besides, these are good llife skills that goes a long way. Projects work will be mor emanagable with such skills
  11. Exercise
    • I am not talking about exercising 3 times a week for 20mins each. Kid’s exercise through fun. Bring them out to the park, go for a swim, visit the nature. They will run around, have fun and indirectly exercised.
  12. God
    • Lastly, for Christians, let them know the important of God in their life.  Afterall … it is Xmas today.

Blessed Xmas everyone and have a wonderful day.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing


——————————– Amy

Thank you for sharing. This

Thank you for sharing. This is a good reminder to me. 🙂

Notabox, I am also trying

Notabox, I am also trying to do the same. Spending time with our kids does have a huge impact. The time and affirmation given so how give them "energy and positiveness" towards other aspect of their lives. Let’s all encourage one another to keep doing that.

Thank you for the gift!

Values/Reading/Knowledge/Affirmation/Their interests, not ours…

It has just hit me that ds1 will be starting P1 next week and I have yet to go through his textbooks with him. Feeling panicky, I have logged in to check out what must be done and I saw this.

Now, all I shall do for the rest of this week is to spend more time with ds1, to chat with him about his new journey, to resume our story reading at bedtime which has stop for months, to let him know how proud I am of him, to play the board game he has asked me to play with him for countless time but still I did not spare the time to .

The textbooks can wait till school starts.  

Thank you for the reminder on what is more important. Thank you for this great gift.    

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing Trapwithin, it is very down-to-earth, practical and true!

I will definitely keep these pointers in mind for my 3 yo son!

God Bless!

Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for the reminder. Truly, there are many who may not aspire to be their parents for various reasons. However, I do sincerely hope that they can find a role model and look forward to a better future.

Thank You for sharing, i

Thank You for sharing, i will keep this in mind.

Thanks for your heartfelt sharing

Thanks for your heartfelt sharing, and reminders not to focus only on the academic aspect/results where a child is concerned. It is sometimes easy to lose sight of that, especially in an achievement/result-oriented society like ours. I hope I will never forget that our children are individuals in their own right, not just a machine designed to produce good marks in exams.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing these valueable thoughts.


I really liked that part about affirmation. It’s so true. In my primary sch life, I was quite a mediocre student. My dad only had one opportunity to praise me which was in P3 when I did better than expected. I still cherish his words of praise till this day .

Best Christmas Wishes...

Quote Trapwithin, "Though some kids might show a "couldn’t be bothered" look, such words of affirmation does get "etched" in their heart."

Heyya Trapwithin, firstly a blessed merry christmas to you dear.. Next, thank you for sharing yourconcise reflection of 2010’s best wishes.. Lastly, i love the above mention.. especially the part where it gets etched in their hearts.. 

Quote Trapwithin, "Most kids grow up wanting to be like their parents."

Finally, just to share one thing… not all children aspire to grow up to be like their parents.. cos not all children are blessed with parents.. hence they do not have the opportunity to know who their parents were; to be like them.. be it by death or by an unfortunate abandonment… this christmas is also a time for us to reflect on what we and our children have that they do not; and give generously where and when you can.. 

……. and some aren’t blessed with good parents who can be role models for them…….

Some parents are absent in the growing stages of a child’s life. Some are put away for crime. Some a living nomadic lives. Some cannot be bothered to nurture the brood they’ve brought to this world. While quite a handful get affected along the way… a few others are saved by the fact, that they never want to be like their parents and in turn break that cycle to be better than what their parents were… trying to make parenthood better for themselves and their famlies, than what it represented itself in their lives.


Thank you for sharing!

A thoughtful post and timely reminder about what’s important. Thank you for sharing!

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