2016 P1 Registration Overview


Today is the 1st day of the 2016 Primary One Registration Exercise (Phase 1) for 2010-born children (Tiger babies).  While this is a shoo-in for children who are qualified for this Phase, parents with children who can only be registered in later Phases are doubtlessly anxiously watching the take-up rates for the schools which they are hoping to get into.

Based on the birthrates of Singaporean-born children, the number of Tiger babies back in 2010 numbers 37,967, a relatively small number compared to the last 4 years.  There are 1603 less babies in 2010 compared to 2009.  However, the total number of vacancies for primary schools decreased even more, from 41,860 to 39,790, a loss of 2,070 places.

Which are the schools that lost places?

This is one of the rare years where no new schools were added, nor were any existing schools merged or removed.  65 schools lost places, with 7 losing as many as 2 classes (60 places).  Only 3 schools, all in the Punggol area, gained 1 class each.  The chart below lists all the schools which experienced some changes in their allocated places in 2016.

The changes are more likely due to a shift in the population demographics than poor performance of the schools.  Many of the schools that lost places are from the older estates, eg. Ang Mo Kio and Woodlands.  Punggol is a brand new estate that is popular amongst young families.

The good news is that not many traditionally very popular schools are affected.  The more notable ones are CHIJ (Katong), Pei Hwa, Princess Elizabeth, GongshangMarymount Convent and perhaps Teck GheeQifa and Beacon.  For these schools, it is probable that there will be oversubscription in the later Phases of the exercise.  Parents eyeing these schools as 2nd choice for Phase 2C(S) should seriously consider going for the schools in Phase 2C instead of competing in Phase 2C(S).

Overall, we expect this year’s Exercise to mirror last year’s exercise.  As usual, we will provide detailed analysis of each Phase to aid parents to make informed decisions.

Best wishes to all parents participating in the Exercise!  May your child get the school he/she desires.

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