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2017 P1 Registration Phase 2A(1) Analysis and Predictions

Phase 1 has ended with 107 out of the available 184 schools having less places for Phase 2A compared to last year.  These schools’ places are highlighted in RED in the chart below.  This is mainly due to the loss of up to 60 places for several schools.  Pioneer Primary has the highest reduction of up to 69 places.  However, as these schools are not very popular in Phase 2A, we do not forsee any problems for parents vying for places in Phase 2A for these schools.

In fact, we do not anticipate Phase 2A(1) to be very competitive at all, assuming that demand for the schools in Phase 2A(1) is similar to last year’s (2016).  CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’, which was the only school that had oversubscription in Phase 2A(1) in the last 11 years, should still have a comfortable 14 places left over for Phase 2A(2), assuming demand does not exceed 88.  Even ACS Primary and Nanyang Primary are in no serious risk for Phase 2A(1).

However, it should be noted that CHIJ SNGS, Nanyang Primary, Fairfield Methodist and Nan Hua Primary now has less places for Phase 2A compared with last year at the same stage.  This means Phase 2A(2) could be highly competitive for these schools.

In 2016, 3 schools – Henry Park Primary, Nanyang Primary, and ACS Primary – were oversubscribed in Phase 2A(2).  Given the much lower take-up rate for Henry Park this year, those vying for that school in Phase 2A(2) can be more relaxed, as that Phase is unlikely to be oversubscribed this year.

However, the pressure is on for Nanyang Primary and ACS Primary.  Nanyang Primary is quite certain to be oversubscribed in Phase 2A(2) this year, and even though demand for ACS Primary in Phase 1 has somewhat abated, we do anticipate that it will face strong competition in Phase 2A(2) this year.

The other 2 schools to watch out for in Phase 2A(2) are Fairfield Methodist Primary and Nan Hua Primary.  These schools have higher Phase 1 take up rates this year, and this puts pressure on Phase 2A(2).

2017 P1 Reg Phase 2A(1) Prediction 1


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