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2017 P1 Registration Phase 2C(S) Analysis and Predictions

Latest Update: 16 August 2017

Phase 2C(S): 15-16 August 2017 On-site registration, 13-15 August Online registration
(Announcement by 21 August 2017)

At the end of the final day of onsite registration for Phase 2C(S), 16 schools are oversubscribed, while another 2 schools (St. Anthony’s Canossian and Zhenghua Primary) have no vacancies left.

Springdale remains to be the most heavily oversubscribed at 289%, followed by Jurong Primary (200%), North View (184%), Pioneer Primary (182%), St. Gabriel’s (168%), De La Salle (150%), Fengshan (147%), Geylang Methodist (117%), Woodgrove (114%), Tampines North (110%), Yew Tee (109%), CHIJ OLGC (108%), Naval Base (105%), Bukit View (104%), Clementi (104%) and Yumin (102%).

We wish parents who might be involved in balloting for this Phase the best of luck!




Update: 15 August 2017

At the end of the 1st day of onsite registration for Phase 2C(S), 8 schools are oversubscribed, while another 2 schools (CHIJ OLGC and Woodgrove Primary) have no vacancies left.

The most heavily oversubscribed school is Springdale (300%), followed by De La Salle (175%), North View (168%), Jurong Primary (150%), Pioneer Primary (145%), Fengshan (136%), St. Gabriel’s (127%), and Tampines North (108%). 


Update: 2 August 2017

With Phase 2C behind us, more than half the schools have completely filled their vacancies.

The chart below shows the current availability of vacancies for Phase 2C(S) (barring the outcome of possible balloting in Phase 2C and withdrawals), compared with the availability of vacancies and applicants at the same point in last year’s (2016) Primary One Registration Exercise.  The purpose is to predict the possible outcome in this year’s Phase 2C(S) registration, assuming that demand for the places are similar to that of last year’s.

Schools with lesser places this year compared to last year are marked in red.  The Projected Buffer column shows the difference between this year’s Places and last year’s applicants.  Those schools which have lesser places than applicants are highlighted in yellow.  These represent schools with the highest risk of oversubscription in this year’s Phase 2C(S).

There are 8 of these schools.  Springdale leads with a shortfall of -60, followed by Fernvale (-51), Jurong (-19), De La Salle (-15), Fuhua (-11), Geylang Methodist (-6), Palm View (-6), and St. Gabriel’s (-6).  These are the schools which you should avoid especially if you do not stay within 1km.

Remember that Phase 2C(S) is the last Phase where parents have a definite choice of school that they want to apply for, before Phase 3 where you have to leave it to MOE to assign the place for you.  This is not a Phase for gambling.  Go for the school nearest to you which will guarantee your child a place.

Note: There was an error caused by wrong cell reference in the previous chart.  It has been corrected.  We apologise for the mistake and thank those who informed us of that error.



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