2019 P1 Registration Phase 2B Analysis


The 2019 Phase 2B is over and the old favourites are showing a bit of their colours.

As depicted in the table below (which, to answer some queries, is sorted in terms of decreasing Phase 2B application APP rate within the Area itself), the school with the greatest demand is Pei Hwa Presbyterian (205%) followed closely by CHIJ St Nicholas Girls with 200% APP rate.  There is really no surprise as Pei Hwa Presbyterian has lost a whopping 46 vacancies versus last year, and St Nicks’ is just being St Nicks..No schools have more then 1 withdrawal but Fairfield Methodist bucked the trend by having registered someone extra registered in Phase 2B (probably due to an overlooked applicant in earlier phases).
The table is interesting as it probably shows this year’s demand for each school.  For example, in the Ang Mo Kio area, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ and Anderson has an increase in demand over last year.  Even though Teck Ghee is next, we note that its cohort has dropped by 30 places this year, so it has much lower demand this year for Phase 2B.
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Schools highlighted in RED are those that are oversubscribed and probably face balloting this year for Phase 2B.  Among all the schools, Nanyang is probably the most filled school (95%!).
Good luck to parents vying for places in the schools.  Remember that we publish this data for everyone to know the state of affairs at each school.  If anything, it is intended to reduce stress.  Use the data to see which schools you should avoid and go for the safe 2nd choice school in Phase 2C.  That is what most PRs would do.  Get the registration process over and done with and get your child to focus on doing well in his/her school, whichever it might be!
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