2019 P1 Registration Phase 2C Analysis

Submitted by Chief Kiasu

P1 Reg

Updated 2 August 2019 12:00pm

Phase 2C is over. There was quite a bit of updates for most schools.  The final results are shown in the table below (Day 3), which lists the changes on a daily basis.  Note that the table is sorted in decreasing order of applicants (APP) for a given area.

Nan Hua is by far the most popular school this year.  With demand at 480%, assuming that everyone is eligible for balloting, it would mean an almost 1/5 chance of getting a place in Phase 2C for that school!  The closest school in Clementi is Qifa, which is also slightly oversubscribed at 105%.  Perhaps parents should have gone for Clementi or Pei Tong, which have plenty of places left after this Phase.

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CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ remained at 200% despite some withdrawals because 2 more parents want to try their luck.  Compared to last year, this year, the demand for Anderson (128%),  Yu Neng (148%), Kuo Chuan Presbyterian (133%) Princess Elizabeth (250%), Keming (199%), Radin Mas (165%), Henry Park (133%),South View (296%), Kong Hwa (130%), Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ (123%), Xinmin(115%), Hougang (115%), CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity (104%), Lakeside (116%), White Sands (138%), Nan Chiau (385%), Compassvale (118%), Chongzheng (114%), Gongshang (106%),  Pei Chun(194%), St Andrew’s Junior (153%), Northland (293%), and Chongfu (282%) has shot up in double digits.

Good luck for those involved in the balloting for Phase 2C.  Remember that you will always have some hope even if you get balloted out.  Like MOE used to say: All schools are good schools.  So stop worrying about getting into a school and start working on making sure your child is ready to excel in any school!


Updated 31 July 2019 1:30pm

Today is 31 July 2019, the final day of the online 2020 P1 Registration.  There has been some hiccups along the way, due to the fact that this is the first year MOE is rolling out its new user interface, but we just have to work around that.  We put out the interim results today so that if you want to change your mind, there is still the day for manual registration tomorrow for the more adventurous souls to try their luck.

The biggest surprise this year is the number of withdrawals from the “good” schools from people who already has a place in the schools.  Although most of these schools has a withdrawal of a couple of students. Henry Park, a traditional cream of the crop, has a stunning withdrawal of 3 students registered in earlier Phases. Perhaps people are finally buying into the idea that we should be “less kiasu” ;).

Schools which are likely to require balloting in Phase 2C are maked in RED.  Looking at the data more closely, Rulang is, by far, the most oversubscribed school at 409%, with Rosyth (375%), Nan Chiau (368%), Nan Hua (365%) and West Spring (314%).  If every applicant is within 1km, that would mean a 1/4 chance of balloting successfully into Rulang!  That is scary, and parents should know there are other schools around that might be just as good for their child.

2 schools, Junyuan and Woodlands, have fully just reached their enrollment target (marked as GREEN) and hopefully will escape the ballot requirement. There is a bunch of up and coming schools which appear to be hotly contested, like Temasek in Bedok (255%), Princess Elizabeth (244%) in Bukit Batok, South View (283%) in Choa Chu Kang, and Punggol Green (273%) in Punggol,

Remember that we put this up to let you know the “traffic”, so that you can choose the easier route to get a place for your loved ones.  The smarter way would be to go for your “2nd” choice in Phase 2C, like what most PRs would do.  It would be just as good!

Wed 31/07/2019