2019 P1 Registration Phase 2C(S) Analysis


The 2019 P1 Registration has pretty much ended.  What is left is for those who has been balloted out to be assigned places by the Ministry.  You may not get the school you want, but all schools in Singapore are pretty much the same, and if your child can make the cut, there is always the transfer at Primary 2 or 3 to your desired school.  And don’t forget about the GEP selection at the end of Primary 3 where your child can get into a prestigious Primary school if that is what you prefer.

This year’s Phase 2C(S) feature some schools which are usually filled by the end of Phase 2C, and you can imagine the competition for these rare gems.  Greenwood Primary in Woodlands went as high as 1300%, and finally toning down to 1100% as parents realized how difficult it will be to get that sole remaining place.  The Ministry might need to revisit their decision to remove 1 class of 30 students from the school this year.  Other schools with more than 200% take up rates are CHIJ Kellock (300%), Concord Primary (244%), Springdale Primary (600%), Ferngreen Primary (200%), St. Gabriel’s Primary (233%), and Naval Base Primary (238%).

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On the other hand, there are schools which came close but escaped balloting.  Schools such as Cantonment PrimaryHaig Girls’Waterway PrimaryPalm View Primary and Jiemin Primary just managed to close their 2019 registration nicely without balloting.  Congratulations!

The new school Valour Primary was slightly oversubscribed in Punggol, a rare occurrence for new schools.

Good luck to parents involved in the balloting!  While it may be difficult, we hope that you will view this P1 Registration experience positively as this is something we can show our kids how much we loved them.

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