2021 P5 Examinations


My factory has closed shop long ago, so no chance to relive this experience again. There are moments I wish I have known earlier, I would have make different choices.

Cherish the time you have with your child now, they will soon become more independent preparing to leave the nest. Spend more time to make memories you want your child to remember of you. Definitely not how mummy make me do tons of tons of worksheet and markings and corrections, or mummy keep picking on my mistakes all the time, even though I have tried my best.

Instead, pick an interesting qn to discuss at dinner and hear their thoughts and share different views from various angles. The process of us going through our analysis and come to a conclusion, imparting our thoughts process is what we can do as parents. I wish I know earlier, parents are not supposed to take on the role of a teacher or educator.

A few years down the road they will face another national exam again or later in life, other form of challenges. By then, they will be mostly on their own. Do we parents want them to remember their detested memories of exam from PSLE, which may result in exam phobia etc or do we wish they have great memories to fall back on, that they know, they still have their port of refuge to turn to? What do we do at times of panic? The strength to keep them going.

My boy came home after first papers, he shared that the invigilator told them before the start of paper, that yawning helps them to relax. I believe, this memory will stay with him for a long time.