2022 P1 Registration: Phase 2C(S)


MOE has released the Phase 2C(S) results.

Overall, 4 schools have reached its maximum applicants without being oversubscribed:

  • Jing Shan Primary
  • Teck Ghee Primary
  • Opera Estate Primary
  • Yishun Primary

Congratulations to parents applying to these schools!

As for the rest, well, it’s pretty much the same as last year’s Phase 2C(S), with some minor exceptions.

Ang Mo Kio & Bedok – There was almost no school requiring balloting this year in Phase 2C(S), except for Telok Kurau Primary which was heavily oversubscribed.  Teck Ghee escaped balloting while CHIJ (Katong) Primary had only 2 more empty seats left!

Bukit Batok – Dazhong Primary was almost 10 time oversubscribed with 36 applicants going for only 7 seats!  It was easily the most oversubscribed school in this year’s Phase 2C(S).

Bukit Merah – With 8 people going for just 1 seat, Zhangde Primary is the next most oversubscribed school.

Seng Kang – Fernvale Primary went into oversubscription this year, when it didn’t last year.

Tampines – Angsana Primary has 2 less applicants than last year, but with only 31 seats remaining this year, it went into oversubscription.  Yumin Primary escaped balloting this year with only 41 applicants for 89 seats.

Toa Payoh – Marymount Convent has 101 applicants this year as opposed to the 92 applicants last year, but it has 120 places left, so no need to ballot.  Phew!

Yishun – Jiemin had 27 applicants for 21 places and need to ballot this year.  Yishun Primary just narrowly escaped balloting.


The first day of Phase 2C(S) is complete.  Please note that as MOE will NOT release the final results of Phase 2C(S) when it ends tomorrow, it is important that you look at the results today in order to make your decision.

We will go through the districts one by one to review.

Ang Mo Kio -Teck Ghee Primary looks pretty ok this year.  Let’s pray it stays that way.

Bedok – CHIJ (Katong) Primary might scrap through without balloting this year.

Bukit Batok – Telok Kurau already requires balloting this year.  Dazhong Primary is incredibly 514% oversubscribed!  I hope people will move on to other schools instead of Dazhong.

Bukit Merah – Zhangde Primary… 4 parents fighting for the only seat left.

Bukit Panjang – Zhenghua Primary looks ok this year.

Bukit Timah – Bukit Timah Primary has only 1 seat left.  I think it will be oversubscribed tomorrow.

Choa Chu Kang – De La Salle has just nicely 29 applicants for 29 places.  It will be oversubscribed tomorrow.

Clementi – Clementi Primary has comfortably 55 applicants for 112 places.  It should be able to escape balloting this year.

Geylang – Haig Girls’ is oversubscribed 20 applicants for 10 places.

Jurong East – Both Fuhua Primary and Jurong Primary will likely require balloting after tomorrow.

Jurong West – West Grove Primary has 43 applicants for 48 places.  Likely to ballot.

Pasir Ris – Casuarina Primary has 23 applicants for 29 places.  Likely to require balloting, although I think it will be mild.

Punggol – Edgefield Primary has only 2 more places empty.  It will require balloting tomorrow.

Seng Kang – Anchor Green Primary looks fine and might be able to escape balloting this year.  Fernvale Primary, on the other hand, is already way oversubscribed.  Springdale Primary, is, of course, oversubscribed.

Tampines – Angsana Primary is oversubscribed this year.  Tampines Primary is of course heavily oversubscribed.  Yumin Primary, on the other hand, may escape balloting this year.

Toa Payoh – Kheng Cheng is naturally oversubscribed.  Marymount Convent has plenty of places left over, and it’s a great place for girls.

Woodlands – Greenwood Primary has 27 applicants for 31 places so far.  It should require balloting tomorrow.

Yishun – Both Peiying and Xishan Primary will likely require balloting tomorrow.  Yishun Primary might be able to escape balloting this year.

Some people have schools nearby which they won’t mind to be assigned to by MOE, should they fail in Phase 2C(S).  So they don’t mind balloting for better schools.  I would suggest that you take a look at the schools nearby that are very likely what your child will be assigned to, and make sure you are comfortable with them, before you go for a school that might/will require balloting in Phase 2C(S).  It’s your final chance.



The balloting for Phase 2C has been completed, and it is time to move on.

MOE has posted the places remaining for the schools and we have verified that it was accurate.  It is important to note that for Phase 2C(S), it is no longer worth gambling.  It is important that you choose the school that you will MOST LIKELY get in, and not tikam-tikam and try to get the school that everyone else is going for.  If you fail in Phase 2C(S), MOE will assign your child to a school closest to you that still have places, and you will have very little choice in the matter.



We have posted a table showing the schools that still have places for Phase 2C(S), along with the number of schools that required balloting in 2021.  This allows you to gauge the potential demand for the schools.

APP refers to the percentage of Applicants thus far, which is zero at the moment.

TUR refers to the overall Take-Up Rate for the school.  Many schools, as you can see, are close to 100% now.

2022 Places are the number of places offered by the school for this stage.

2021 refers to the number of applicants for the school in last year’s (2021) Phase 2C(S).  Some of the schools are highlighted in RED to indicate that they required balloting.

2022-2021 refers to the difference in numbers between 2022 applicants and 2021 applicants.  At the moment, we just subtracted 2021 applicants from the 2022 Places offered.

By Cohort refers to the difference in the original number of places offered by the school in 2022 and 2021.

How to read the chart:

The most important question is which school will likely require balloting.  As a rule, those that are highlighted in RED are very likely to require balloting.  However, this year, some schools have had the benefit of 20 places being pulled from Phase 2A and Phase 2B, and still retain that advantage.  In general, the 2022-2021 column is very telling as it indicates the potential shortfall that the school may have this year.

A POSITIVE number is healthy as it indicates that the school has more places this year than applicants last year.  A NEGATIVE number, on the other hand, means that the school has LESS places this year compared to the number of applicants last year.  Essentially, the schools with a negative 2022-2021 value and is RED in the 2021 column are VERY likely  to require balloting this year.

As a positive case, let’s look at CHIJ (Katong) Primary.  While it has required balloting last year with 21 applicants, this year, it does have 38 places additional for applicants.  So the risk of it requiring balloting falls.

As another example, Dazhong Primary has only 7 places left for Phase 2C(S).  Last year, there was 69 applicants!  If the same number of applicants go for Dazhong Primary, of course it will be heavily oversubscribed.

All in all, please be very careful with your selection now.

Good luck!