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2022 P1 Registration Vacancies For Each School

We have listed the total number of places MOE has given for each school in the table.

Generally school that had lost seats are marked in RED, while those which has increased their seats are marked in GREEN.  As 2021 has 41,888 places while 2022 has 40,668 places, we have lost 1,220 places.

Some districts like Bukit Batok has generally increased their seats tremendously by 140 seats total, but many others have lost seats, for example Seng Kang which lost a total of 270 seats!  I think this has to do with the migratory patterns which means Bukit Batok has more younger parents while Seng Kang is maturing, but this year is for children born in the Year of the Monkey, where there are fewer kids born.

I think you need to consider the changes in vacancies seriously, as it will affect our earlier predictions of what might happen in Phase 2A.

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