3 signs that you are prepping your child’s health the wrong way. But it’s never too late. Read on!

We understand that you always want to give your child a headstart in health. But when it comes to supplements or certain widely touted foods that claim to boost one’s immune system, you could be mistaken about how they can actually benefit your child.

  1. Probiotics? It works, but indirectly. You need to take a large amount, 2-3 times a day and absorption is only less than 5%. Plus, probiotics “for children” are insanely expensive.
  2. Vitamins and minerals? It’s really a waste of money. With meals so rich these days, your child is probably over-nourished! Also commercially available vitamins are mostly synthetic and sugar-coated!
  3. Organic food? Sure! It’s really good and we eat them too. But studies have shown that both organic and non-organic foods e.g. vegetables and fruits are found to have the same nutritional value. Therefore consuming organic food won’t actually boost immune resistance better than non-organic food. At most, it only helps you minimise the intake of harmful pesticides.

Image 1-2 - Mother and baby 

Parents today are offered supplements that are not quite useful or necessary for kids



So what proven supplement can you trust to boost your child’s immune system effectively?

Let NANO Biogenie give your child a headstart in health

Following over 60 years of research and development, NANO Biogenie has come to be known as the foremost immune booster supplement trusted by parents in Japan.

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NANO Biogenie & Metabolites is clinically proven to greatly reduce the risk of viral infection or reduce recovery time by more than 50%

It contains metabolites (substance formed in or necessary for metabolism) produced with 35 strains from 16 of the most important good bacteria, by providing itself as a super food to strengthen white blood cells, thereby DIRECTLY contributing to improved immune resistance, health protection and the acceleration of recovery!

NANO Biogenie is the ONLY metabolite supplement recommended by the Japan Ministry of Education. 

** Clinically-proven in Japan

Through more than 60 years of research, metabolites found in NANO Biogenie was proven to display strong improvements in 10 different kinds of clinical trials against viruses, allergies and even diseases such as diabetes and leukemia.

Image 1-4 - Dr. Kimihide Murata, Chief Scientist for Nano Biogenie 

Dr. Kimihide Murata, has been working on developing Metabolites as a deep-rooted solution against viral infection and allergies for more than 60 years


** Direct improvement mechanism

Unlike conventional supplements e.g. vitamin C, manuka honey, herbal extracts etc. Metabolites is the ONLY substance that is absorbed by the body DIRECTLY that can boost the strength of white blood cells to increase immune resistance against viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens.

** Faster, fuller recovery

Putting your child in class with their coughing classmates who are also having runny noses can be both heartbreaking and inevitable. Even as your child gets infected with all the airborne common viruses, NANO Biogenie was found to accelerate recuperation of most children by at least 50%, from about 14 days to just 4-5 days.

Image 1-5 - how to use nano biogenie  

NANO Biogenie is 100% natural and can be added to milk or juices easily



** Friendly to administer

Unlike most supplements for children where they are either sugar-coated or added with preservatives and fillers, NANO Biogenie liquid concentrate is 100% natural and can be added to your child’s favorite drink like milk or juices, without them noticing too!

** Easy to store and bring around

As Metabolites are not the same as “live” probiotics where they need to be refrigerated. NANO Biogenie comes in a very handy amber glass bottle with a dropper cap for up to 30 servings plus 7 FREE servings, you can now give your child the best protection anytime and anywhere conveniently.

** Highly affordable

For parents who had the scary experience of their children falling ill, apart from having to deal with the “damaging” western medicine notion, supplements to aid in the post- recovery are infamous for their exorbitant prices. NANO Biogenie remains surprisingly affordable, despite being imported from Japan, patented and clinically-proven effective. Because we believe that every parent should have the choice to give their child the very best protection and the head start in health.


NANO Biogenie offers the most direct way to boost your child’s immune system effectively, yet the most affordable as well!

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Quick Facts about NANO BIOGENIE
  • Image 1-7

    Uses 35 strains from 16 of the most important species of good bacteria for co-culturing.

  • The good bacteria are given the same Japanese classical folk music to listen whilst producing the metabolites, the same tune played 80 years ago.
  • Each bottle of NANO BIOGENIE takes about 100 days to produce. It is patented, produced and imported from Japan directly.
  • NANO BIOGENIE can be given to any child for improving natural immune resistance and long-term health benefits against adult-related diseases.
  • It can also be taken when ill to accelerate recuperation and for a fully recovery.
  • It does not need refrigeration and comes with a free dropper to dispense the concentrate liquid safely, conveniently and hygienically.
  • Each bottle has 30 servings and for a limited time, comes with 7 more servings FREE.



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