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3 things you need to know when planning out a holistic education for your child

Flying Cape Compass Map

Every parent hopes that they can raise a healthy, happy and well-adjusted child that will grow up to become successful in the real world. However, if doing well in school alone can no longer guarantee this success, what more can be done?

Educators now agree that the best way to prepare any child for a fast-changing world is to equip him/her with a holistic education.  Such an education would be geared towards maximising the child’s unique strengths and interests and also ensure the child can efficiently adapt and make the right choices in complex situations.

Aligned with, the Singapore Ministry of Education’s 21st-century core competency framework, Flying Cape’s CompassMap provides a diagrammatic view that covers all key components of holistic education and helps you craft a personalised learning path for your children.

Flying Cape CompassMap

Fig 1. Flying Cape CompassMap

1: Understand the importance of instilling a strong foundation by developing your child’s character to:Flying Cape foundation
•    Do the right thing when no one is looking (Moral Character)
•    Have the character traits to act as internal drivers to overcome challenges (Performance Character)

2: Help them acquire the skills and knowledge so that they can enjoy the love of learning and be effective in whatever they do by:Flying Cape Knowledge
•    Developing numeracy, literacy, reasoning capabilities and general knowledge (Academic) 

•    Picking up the techniques on how to learn effectively based on learning styles (Learning Multipliers)

*Learning Differences are included to cater for children that have special needs in learning.

3: Show them how they can apply skills and knowledge to the real world by:

Flying Cape Skills

•    Giving them practical experience in applying knowledge and skills to real world related matters (Career Planning)

•    Helping them develop interaction skills so that they can work with others to achieve personal and team objectives – (Interaction Multipliers) 

*Health and Wellness is included to reflect the importance of being aware about our own health and about taking care of our bodies.

Your child is unique, so the best way forward is to build your child’s learning and career path based on his/her strengths, interests and motivations.  Top executives and home-schooling parents are already doing these for their children.  There is such a wide range of skills and knowledge out there waiting to be explored – find those that play to your children’s greatest strengths, and help them grow deep in them, while gaining exposure in a wide range of other complementary activities.

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