3 Types of Bacterial Infections that All Mummies Have Been Neglecting

This article is contributed by Dr. Tommy Ong, Ph.D | Feb-2018

We always hear mummies moan about how miserable their lives are with the stress, heavy work load and mischievous children. Often they also suffer from migraine, constipation, weight gain, unbearable period cramps and even frequent flu infections – sometimes all at the same time!

Well, it may sound far-fetched, but do you know that these discomforts and problems may all boil down to one single issue, i.e. bacterial imbalance in the inner body? Let’s take a look.


An unhealthy gut can lead to digestive issues like bloating, gas, constipation, bad breath, sugar cravings, depression and even skin allergies! Our body needs at least 3 billion CFU of friendly bacteria in our gut at any one time. More often than not, we have more harmful bad bacteria in our gut that cause all sorts of problems. Sure, you can start by taking 3 billion CFU probiotics supplement capsules bought from pharmacies. Unfortunately, probiotics-friendly bacteria cannot survive past our harsh stomach acid. 95% are damaged and only 5% are left barely bioavailable. Superior quality of probiotics must be able to survive harsh stomach acid with at least 80% bioavailability.

Vaginal/ urinary tract

With stress and anxiety, our body produces more stomach acid and such reaction reduces the population of probiotics even further. High circulatory acidity continues to affect the entire body and more so, the sensitive feminine parts of vaginal and urinary tract. Already high female intimate pH level that ranges between 3.8 – 4.5 can cause bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection etc. By increasing probiotics friendly bacteria around the vaginal environment, acidity can be significantly reduced and in turn decreasing occurrences of infection, soreness, irritation, foul odour discharge and even cramps!

Poor immune system/ virus infection

We have heard of air-borne viruses in enclosed working spaces. Apart from keeping a safe distance or wearing a face mask, there aren’t many ways we can protect ourselves physically from these viruses. Thankfully, we can rely on probiotics as probably one of the best ways to strengthen our resistance when we are in areas with poor air circulation and/ or areas where others are plagued by influenza and coughs. Increased intake of probiotics can further reduce antibiotic resistance. Not only that, here’s a big tip! Taking probiotics when traveling can also help to reduce impact against food/ water unsuitability and also food poisoning.


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