3 Ways to Level Up Your Teen’s Writing Skills & Tackle the New O Level English Syllabus

Keeping up with school subjects and their ever-changing syllabus and requirements can be a big headache, for students and parents alike.

For example, English is a vital tool to understand and engage with the world, but it is also viewed as a subject that “cannot be studied”. What then can you do to help your child establish a firm foundation in the English Language? How do you equip them with the tools for continuous learning?

#1 Provide Targeted Support for Your Child

Many secondary school students often struggle with the essay section of the English exam. With argumentative writing becoming a major component of what is currently tested, it is getting more challenging to do well in the paper. Good argumentative writing requires the ability to pull together current affairs knowledge in a clear and coherent manner, with supporting examples and explanations.

Look for targeted support to help your child develop these skills. Enrol them in Present Perfect’s Argue This! holiday classes. Present Perfect is a homegrown educational magazine specialising in the O Level English examination. With 15 years of experience in educational curriculum and study materials, Present Perfect is bringing its expertise to the classroom to further journey with secondary school students and bolster their learning.

Held over two days during the March holidays with a small class size of eight and below, the class is for students of all skills levels.

#2 Understand the New Curriculum & its Requirements

Gone are the days of rote learning. Exams are getting increasingly demanding, and it is crucial to familiarise your child with the new exam formats. In the most updated 1184 English Syllabus, the writing component now has a separate content grade and students are evaluated on their ability to apply what they know in their writing. This can be especially tricky when crafting argumentative essays, which require the application of general knowledge.

Present Perfect’s Argue This! holiday classes are especially built to tackle this difficulty.
Students are taught guiding steps to understand the relevance of the information around them. This teaching approach equips them with strategies to critically engage with content, enhancing their ability to apply such knowledge in their writing. Lessons will also employ a variety of mediums such as videos and infographics to keep students interested.

#3 Explore a Wide Variety of Learning Resources

The English O Level exams consist of 4 papers: Continuous writing, Comprehension, Oral and Listening comprehension – each requiring a different skill set to tackle effectively. In addition to improving your child’s writing skills with Present Perfect’s Argue This! classes, consider getting your child a Present Perfect magazine subscription to widen their exposure to important world trends and give them practice for the various exam formats.

For the last 15 years, Present Perfect has been purposefully designed to help students learn the relevant skills to master all the English exam formats. The subscription consists of 5 print issues across the year, including an examination essay issue. It also comes with a digital site featuring a wide variety of dedicated exam resources – from guided step-by-step skills to practice exercises – all developed to support your child through their school years.

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