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3-year Official PSLE COP for 2009-2011 Secondary 1 intake

Here’s the list of the official PSLE COPs for the Secondary 1 intake for 3 years from 2009 to 2011. Source : MOE February 2011.

Please note that all figures are for the Express Steam only and for Non-Affiliation* (except for those with an * behind their COPs). All COPs include HMT bonus points.

Apparently, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) took in non-affiliated students for the first time in many years. In 2009 and 2010, they only accepted students from their own Primary School.

Not sure if the figure for ACSI the IB COP or the O level route. I simply copied from the MOE’s website. I am not very familiar with ACSI’s system, so regret to say that I won’t be able to answer anything questions pertaining to the COP for ACSI.
Special schools like NUSH, SOTA, SST, SSS, Assumption Pathway and Northlight are not included in the list.

School Sec1-09 Sec1-10 Sec1-11
Admiralty 206 204 206
Ahmad Ibrahim 223 221 218
Anderson 248 245 245
And Mo Kio 227 227 226
Anglican High 244 240 242
ACS Barker Road (*affiliation only)  198* 201* 195*
ACSI (* not sure if figures are IB or O Level) 253* 250* 245*
Assumption  188 188 188
Balestier Hill 188 188 188
Bartley 188 193 188
Beatty  217 217 218
Bedok Green 212 209 204
Bedok North 188 188 188
Bedok South 209 210 211
Bedok Town 189 188 188
Bedok View 218 218 218
Bendemeer 194 192 188
Bishan Park 188 188 188
Boon Lay 189 188 188
Bowen 221 221 222
Broadrick 188 188 188
Bukit Batok 227 221 223
Bukit Merah 188 188 188
Bukit Panjang Govt 244 241 243
Bukit View 210 207 204
Canberra 199 199 200
Catholic High 249 248 247
Cedar 244 246 248
Changkat Changi 192 188 188
Chestnut Drive 188 188 189
CHIJ Katong 228 228 225
CHIJ Toa Payoh 246 238 238
CHIJ St Joseph’s 224 226 226
CHIJ St Nicholas 249 247 249
CHIJ St Theresa’s 232 232 230
Chong Boon 188 190 188
Christ Church 196 197 196
Chua Chu Kang 217 215 216
Chung Cheng Main 239 236 236
Chung Cheng Yishun 230 230 231
Clementi Town 233 230 231
Clementi Woods 188 188 188
Commonwealth 238 236 237
Compassvale 217 216 214
Coral 214 213 210
Crescent Girls 242 240 243
Damai 207 206 205
Deyi 215 214 214
Dunearn 204 205 205
Dunman High 260 258 257
Dunman Secondary 234 231 230
East Spring 212 210 209
East View 188 188 188
Edgefield New New 208
Evergreen 220 221 223
Fairfield Methodist 246 240 237
Fajar 188 188 188
First Toa Payoh 188 188 188
Fuchun 188 188 188
Fuhua 227 222 229
Gan Eng Seng 226 222 223
Geylang Methodist 226 222 220
Greendale 192 192 194
Greenridge 203 203 207
Greenview 203 203 195
Guangyang 203 203 195
Hai Sing Catholic 228 224 224
Henderson 188 188 188
Hillgrove 198 195 198
Holy Innocents’ 222 219 218
Hong Kah 188 188 188
Hougang  211 208 202
Hua Yi 225 221 222
Hwa Chong 259 257 257
Junyuan 200 201 200
Jurong 228 226 226
Jurong West 198 191 193
Jurongville 201 199 201
Juying 188 188 191
Keng Ridge 189 193 188
Kranji 232 229 230
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian 226 227 225
Loyang 195 192 188
MacPherson 188 188 188
Manjusri 201 204 200
Maris Stella 232 232 231
Marsiling 188 188 190
Mayflower 222 222 221
Methodist Girls’ 253 250 253
Montfort 208 206 204
Nan Chiau 232 231 234
Nan Hua 243 242 243
Nanyang Girls’ 263 263 262
NJC 259 257 257
Naval Base 188 188 194
New Town 217 207 202
Ngee Ann 233 232 232
North View 188 188 188
North Vista 208 209 204
Northbrooks 188 188 188
Northland 188 188 188
Orchid Park 212 213 210
Outram 188 188 188
Pasir Ris 224 222 220
Pasir Ris Crest 222 220 218
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ (*affiliation only) 197* 189*  234
Pei Hwa 189 195 200
Peicai 188 188 188
Peirce 209 208 208
Ping Yi 188 188 188
Pioneer 188 188 188
Presbyterian High 232 229 229
Punggol 188 188 189
Queenstown 212 203 201
Queensway 215 210 212
Raffles Girls’ 263 260 260
Raffles Institution 262 259 259
Regent 188 188 188
River Valley 254 251 253
Riverside 229 229 228
Sembawang 188 189 189
Seng Kang 203 201 194
Serangoon Garden 188 188 188
Serangoon  188 188 188
Shuqun 188 188 188
Si Ling 191 NA only NA only
Siglap 188 188 188
Singapore Chinese Girls 254 251 250
Springfield 188 188 188
St Andrew’s 236 233 230
St Anthony’s Canossian 227 226 226
St Gabriel’s 218 218 215
St Hilda’s 230 227 229
St Joseph’s Institution 244 241 241
St Margaret’s 240 238 239
St Patrick’s 218 225 223
Swiss Cottage 238 234 234
Tampines 201 203 203
Tanglin 188 188 188
Tanjong Katong Girls’ 235 233 234
Tanjong Katong 236 234 234
Teck Whye 192 188 188
Temasek 232 230 230
Unity 221 220 219
Victoria 246 245 246
West Spring 223 223 222
Westwood 211 209 211
Whitley 203 195 188
Woodgrove 205 206 210
Woodlands Ring 216 217 216
Woodlands  188 188 188
Xinmin 242 240 238
Yio Chu Kang 188 188 188
Yishun 207 206 207
Yishun Town 237 235 235
Yuan Ching 215 215 216
Yuhua 197 197 188
Yusof Ishak 188 188 188
Yuying 188 188 188
Zhenghua 210 211 211
Zhonghua 238 236 230


COP 2012 & 2013

Any idea where could get COP for 2012 & 2013?

Wow maybe must start

Wow maybe must start compiling from 2012-2014 COP yeah!

So enter by DSA is ti with certain advantage?Of course cannot use DSA to enter those super top school. If cannot perform, the principal sure ask the student to 滚蛋


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Hi titank Targetting a

Hi titank

Targetting a school near an MRT station is good, but what happens is that your child is the top scorer in Singapore and the school that is convenient for you via MRT is the lousiest school in the whole of Singapore?  With that kind of score, I am sure you won’t want to waste his/her chance of a better education by choosing the nearest school possible, right? 



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Precisely why i'm asking

Precisely why i’m asking questions now.. hehee.. for now my DD is already P4 so i wanna do my homework first too. Call it a 2-yr homework if you want.  But i don’t want to do last minute work and gan-cheong at the last minute. Like you, i too believe it is not just about the results and i too go by similar selection criterias you do as well.  Yes, more questions?

Yes, P4 is not too early for homework about PSLE and school selection.  Would say the timing is just nice.  It allows you  to monitor the COP trends of your targetted schools.  Doing your homework now would ensure that you are well prepared by the time the selection comes so you won’t panic.  Actually it is silly to wait till the child in in P6 before one does the homework.  It is a bit too late in my opinion.

1. You would still be around as LLLS president by the time my turn arrives for Sec school selection, right? Which means you can still help us all here.. compile the next 2 years COPs here too, right… right? 

I don’t think I am the President of the LLLS Club at the moment, but even if I am, there is no guarantee that I will be compiling the COPs for the next two years, so my advice is for you to do your own homework to play safe, instead  of relying on me to do the COPs for the next two years.

My suggestion for you now is to start collecting the PSLE Schools Selection Booklets from current P6 students at the end of this year and try to continue all the way till your daughter’s time.  Beg, borrow or steal, whatever, but try to lay your hands on one every year. That was what I did. 

I was lucky that I have 3 nieces who are a few years older than my elder boy, so got their unwanted PSLE Schools Selection Booklets after they were done.  The booklet is useless to the P6 students who have made their choices, but are like treasures to people like us who need it for planning and reference.  It’s unofficially called the ‘P6 Bible’ by some!  Not trying to sound religious here.   Try to grab hold of one from someone at the end of this year and you will know what I mean.  The info provided inside that booklet is really good and useful.

Incidentally, this booklet, containing the official COPs of the Sec 1 students admitted to the various schools is given out to P6 students sometime in October, so think of it this way.  If you were a P6 parent and getting hold of the booklet only in October after your child’s PSLE, isn’t it a bit too late for you to do proper homework, so you agree with me that this type of homework should be done beforehand, right?

2. When is this selection done .. as in which month of the year.. usually?

The PSLE results is usually released on the 1st Thursday after the last day of Term 4, usually it is a 20something date.  You are given 5 days, including that date to make your selection based on your child’s PSLE score, unless your child has been accepted via DSA, but that is not my forte and it is a different story altogether.  Suggest you go and read up about that.

You can submit your choices online and if things are still the way it was as in my sons’ time, you are only allowed one chance to change your choices after you have submitted your choices online.  After you have utilised up that one chance, anymore changes, you will have to go and trouble the General Office of your child’s primary school to do for you and even that, I think there is a limit that one is allowed to edit the choices.  Of course I do not have first hand experience for that.

3. Is there a particular way to sequence our choices / chosen in any special order;  to get better chances of getting at least into any of our say… top 3 choices of schools?

If the schools are selected carefully, taking into consideration your child’s score and the COPs of the targetted schools, then most people should be able to get into schools within the top three choices.

My usual advice like this.

1st choice – your dream school, the school that you really want to get into, but of course, must be realistic too.  Eg your 1st choice dream school’s COP was 265 and your child scored 263 or even 262, I would say go for it, give it a try but make sure that your 2nd choice is a more realistic choice, nearer to her score. 

But then again, if say the COP is 265 and your child scored 255, then I would say give up that dream school and move on to find another school that is nearer to your child’s score.  A good eg would be one with 257 for eg.

Then continue moving down the line with your 6 choices.  Do not anyhow dump and waste your choices.  Eg your child got 255, but yet all your 6 choices are schools with COPs way, way above her 255 score, than that is being very unrealistic and wasting your choices.  For a score of 255, I would give up all the schools above 260 and make more realistic choices.

In other words my usual advice is to go for schools with a COP of plus and minus 2 points at most, not more than that.  Yes, some schools’ COP drop, but don’t count on that and another thing which I always discourage is to rely on appeal in case one does not make it in offically.  That’s a very silly thought. 

Appeal only if your child has  something to offer to the school of choice, but not because you miss by 1 or 2 points and you want that school badly. If you miss by 1 or 2 points, there are others in the same boat too, but like I said, if you miss by 1 or 2 points and you want to appeal, you must make sure that your child has something to offer to the school, otherwise, accept the posting and move on.  The appeal procedure is a very tedious and stressful period both for the parent and the child.

Lastly if your child takes HMT at P5 and P6, that extra point can be used for admission to SAP schools, but bear in mind that the extra point is only useful in your application to a SAP school.

A distinction for HMT would mean 3 points, Merit = 2 points and Pass = 1 point.  Back to the eg of 255.  If your girl got distinction for her HMT, she can use that extra 3 points, making her score to read as 258 but only if she’s apply for a SAP school like eg RVHS, Nan Hua, St Nicks for eg, but if she is applying for non-SAP schools like MGS, Cedar and SCGS, then she is entering with 255.   Hope the picture is clear. 

Another thing to take note of is affiliation.  Affiliated secondary schools normally have a lower COP for their own affiliated students.  My list is for non-affiliation COPs.

Hope the above helps in your homework. 

maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Maybe a 5 year trend would

Maybe a 5 year trend would be good enough. I should be targeting transportation as the No.1 priority where is there any MRT situated next to this secondary schools. PSLE for me would be 4.5 years to go so maybe can slowly do more a bit on the research.

Precisely now..

Precisely why i’m asking questions now.. hehee.. for now my DD is already P4 so i wanna do my homework first too. Call it a 2-yr homework if you want.  But i don’t want to do last minute work and gan-cheong at the last minute. Like you, i too believe it is not just about the results and i too go by similar selection criterias you do as well.  Yes, more questions?

1. You would still be around as LLLS president by the time my turn arrives for Sec school selection, right? Which means you can still help us all here.. compile the next 2 years COPs here too, right… right? 

2. When is this selection done .. as in which month of the year.. usually?

3. Is there a particular way to sequence our choices / chosen in any special order;  to get better chances of getting at least into any of our say… top 3 choices of schools?


Hi buds For me, I did not

Hi buds

For me, I did not base my decision on XXX School just because it is a ‘branded’ school or because that’s the school that everybody is eyeing/dying to get into. 

There are quite a few considerations, but results is not everything.  Things like the ‘culture of the school’, distance, CCA, the ‘feel of the school at the Open House’, etc are all important considerations and my list may have the COPs of all the Sec Schools in Singapore, but I am sure no one is interested in ALL of them.

From the time my elder boy was in Primary 4, I had a list of about 20 ‘target’ schools based on my above criteria and I was like observing those schools from afar, read about them, ask around about them, frequent their websites, gather info from friends etc and of course, visiting some of them during the Open House, sometimes even observing their students behaviour outside school hours while in uniform.  That would give you a very good idea of how well disciplined the kids are and would you want your kids to be like them or not, that kind of observation. 

That was the kind of homework I did way before my boys were in P6 and so by the time the results and selection came, I was prepared and did not panic.   In fact, for both boys, we had our choices chosen and taken care of by about 3pm the afternoon the results were released and merely sat back and relax and waited for posting day.

Not sure if you have read my other blog article, but here it is, in case you have missed it.  It that article, I shared quite a bit how I prepared our selection list.

Anymore questions?



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Hi titank Thanks for

Hi titank

Thanks for dropping by, but seriously, you don’t need a 10 year trend to observe a particular school or a few schools.  Think at most 3 to 4 years back is good enough.

Personally I doubt the COPs would be fluctuate much with the Dragon Kids who are sitting for the PSLE next year.  Yes, there were more babies born that year, but I doubt it would affect the COPs much unlike P1 registration.



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

How to make selections

Thanks, 25hourmaid.. i have more questions. Hehee.. 

Based on the copiled COPs over the years, how does one make wise decisions with regards to the selections. I’m sure you have personal tips to share. 

How does one best sequence the choices according to one’s favourite few selections?


Good Job

This is very good where can use it as a reference. Maybe can use it like a 10 year trend to see the average COP. Foe year Dragon would be a difference due to more children being born in that Dragon year!

Hi buds You are most

Hi buds

You are most welcome!  Yes, the list will be very useful for you when the time comes, provided you try to keep it updated as the years go by.  When my elder boy sat for his PSLE,  I had my personal list of the COPs for as many as 3 or 4 years back prior to his PSLE so I could observe the trend of the COPs and that observation paid off.  That list was subsequently rolled over for my younger boy.

Currently, they are given 6 choices for secondary school selection as compared to two miserable choices I had during my dinosaur days! 

maid to 3 men and a dog … 


25hourmaid, thanks for taking the time to compile this comprehensive list! 

This will definitely.. definitely.. come in useful for me in the next few years when our turn arrives to make our selection. The 3-yr history clearly indicated here will help us make references at a glance and ease the consideration process for my us soon.

How many choices do students have these days? I’m out of touch lah.. 


Hi ANobleNerd Thanks for

Hi ANobleNerd

Thanks for dropping by.  Yes, agree that it is a very useful list and that’s the reason why I got it done, not once but twice in a row. 



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Thanks for your dedication

Thanks for your dedication in compiling this list! It’s certainly very helpful to see the COP of the various schools at a glance.

Hi Fairy Yes, the COPs for

Hi Fairy

Yes, the COPs for the SAP schools listed by you is inclusive of HMT. The HMT is useless to the non-SAP schools, so it is obvious that it is not included in the COP.



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

HMT included?


Except for SAP schools like NYGH, HCI, RV, DH & NHH, all COPs should have excluded HMT score, not included.

HMT score can only be used for application to SAP schools.


Aiyo, what

Aiyo, what service!   Small matter! 


maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Great Maid

Thank you maid for the service you provide for all parents.

Hi Augmum Haha, happen to

Hi Augmum

Haha, happen to have a bit of time to spare, so decided to do "community service" again lor!  




maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Maid, Kudos to u, well done!!!

maid, u have done up a comphensive and easy to refer list of the Secondary schools COP for the P6 PSLE parents. kudos to u !!!

Hi amylqf The columns show

Hi amylqf

The columns show the lowest PSLE score that was accepted into the schools for the respective years.  Eg for Admiralty, in 2009, a student with 206 was the lowest score to be admitted to the school, in 2010, was 204 and in 2011, the Cut-Off-Point was increased by 2 points.  Hope that helps.



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

tks for infor. but how to

tks for infor. but how to interpret from these figure?

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