30 minutes oven grilled pork ribs

30 minutes oven grilled pork ribs.

do note that this recipe isn’t those meat-that’ll-fall-off-the-bone kinda pork ribs. there’s more bite to the meat but nevertheless just as tender and juicy. this way of cooking would work only for smaller rib racks. my oven’s grill function is heat from top only.

i used this..

the whole rack has differing thickness which meant different cooking time so i halved the rack. now we go 双双对对! 😉

even our spice marinate also must 双双对对. 😉

add about a teaspoon of baking soda/powder as tenderiser. i use a teaspoonful of each spice blend. u may add black pepper if u prefer but can always do without. for a bigger rack, adjust the amount of spice blend. also, u could marinate with whatever pleases your tastebuds.

spread it all around… i use a pair of tongs and do a kissing round. 😉 hmmm, music please… wet wet wet… love is all around. 😛

drizzle with so olive oil. machiam like 交杯酒 liddat. :laugh:

then, wrap up and 送入”冻”房. :romance: i marinated since saturday morning and cooked it last night for dinner.

add salt on both sides just before cooking. i use pink salt.

on the top grill, bone side grill for 10mins.

turn it over, on lower grilll, meat side grill for 15mins. take out the smaller rack and continue grilling the larger rack for another 5mins.

done! this is the larger rack.

cross-section for the larger rack. it’s crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. this got the thumbs up from my folks last night. 🙂

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