4 Activities to Help Kids Expend Their Unbounding Energy This Holiday

We all know how most kids are – full of verve and prancing around whole day long. Sometimes it can get too boisterous, not to mention hot and sweaty. This year-end holiday, why not give your kids a great way to use their unbounding energy, albeit without a whole lot of physical exertion?

An inaugural two-day holiday programme hosted by United Square is set to keep your child engaged and entertained. Featuring indoor activities targeted at 9- to 12-year-olds, participants will get to exercise their minds, hands and body while they have fun trying new experiences.

Ignite Their Creativity with Art Jamming @ HiArt (#04-23)

Painting is a good way to let your child’s creative juices flow! During this art jamming session by HiArt, students will learn how to paint on a canvas using acrylic paint and other mediums to create texture. With each stroke of the paintbrush, they will be free to express their personal style as they work towards completing their masterpiece.

HiArt education centre is committed to the teaching of fine art, catering to children from as young as two and a half years old.

For enquiries on other classes available at HiArt:
Tel: 6266 5688
Web: http://www.hiart.com.sg/


Give Their Motor Skills A Workout While Learning Chinese by Making A Moon Lantern @ Hua Language Centre (#03-25)

The lantern is often used as a symbol to represent Chinese culture. Ever wondered why? Let Hua Language Centre share with your child the cultural origins and folklores associated with the Chinese lantern. Of course, no Hua workshop is complete without games to test your child on the new vocabulary they have picked up through this experiential learning opportunity. As cherry on the cake, participants will make their own Moon Lantern so that they can bring it home as a souvenir to remember the workshop by.

Hua Language Centre is one of the pioneer Chinese enrichment centres in Singapore founded by Chinese language educators from MOE and NUS. With almost 30 years of experience, Hua has taught generations of children who are now sending their own children to Hua for Chinese classes! Armed with an understanding of brain science, child psychology and Chinese linguistics (and for older students, exam taking strategies), Hua has developed their own curriculum that makes learning Chinese effective and fun at the same time.

For enquiries on other classes available at Hua Language Centre:
Tel: 6255 5060
Web: https://hua.com.sg/


Groove to the rhythm and play some Music @ Mandeville Conservatory of Music (#03-20)

Music lessons play a key role in a child’s development. It has a wide range of positive effects, not only does music increase creativity, studies have also shown that it improves cognition, reduces anxiety, improves mood, eases pain, improves memory, reduces stress and so much more.

During this introductory session conducted by Mandeville Conservatory of Music, young participants will get to try two different instruments – the keyboard and violin. 

Mandeville Conservatory of Music is a premier music school that strives to provide a holistic musical education in grooming future musicians. They offer unique programs and provides their students various opportunities such as ensemble playing, performance practice classes, in-house recitals, grand concerts as well as local and overseas performance.

For enquiries on other classes available at Mandeville
Tel: 6250 1911
Web: https://www.mandevilleconservatory.com/main/


Flex Their Moves with Ballet @ The Ballet & Music Company (#04-26)

They may not achieve perfect pirouettes with just one lesson, but learning even the most basic ballet moves can help kids improve their posture and balance. So let them put on their dancing shoes, do some stretching and be introduced to the graceful yet physically demanding skill of ballet dancing.

The Ballet & Music Company is established to promote the Performing Arts as lifelong learning skills and to make it into a lifestyle skill that would be appreciated by many.

For enquiries on other classes available at The Ballet & Music Company
Tel: 6254 1068
Web: https://www.balletandmusic.com/


What’s more, the holiday programme comes with a FREE Ukelele which participants can bring home and you can also book a 1-to-1 Lesson @ Aureus Academy (03-27) for your child to learn how to play the instrument. Training lessons must be arranged before 31 Dec 2021.

Aureus Academy is Singapore’s leading music school with over 15,000 students enrolled between their schools, offering the best in musical education.

For enquiries on other available classes at Aureus Academy
Tel: 3165 5078
Web: https://www.aureusacademy.com/


Sign up now for United Square’s Holiday Programme

Parents can purchase the Holiday Programme tickets at United Square’s Customer Service Counter at Level 1. Only cash are accepted.

Fee: $430 ($380 for purchases made before 30 Nov’21)
Dates: 20 & 21 Dec 2021
Duration: 2 days
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Age: 9 – 12 Years old

Participants will enjoy additional perks with the Holiday Programme passes:

  • Collect a Free KinderNuture Berry-C Pop from Vitakids (#B1-21)
  • Enjoy 10% discount at My Great Child (#B1-62)
  • Redeem a FREE cup of milo from Food Dynasty (#B1-02)
  • Redeem a FREE cookie from Melvados (#B1-61A)
  • Get a FREE eye check with a special gift & a free computer lens with any frame purchase from Lifetime Vision Care (#01-84)


Joyful Surprises @ UOL Malls (5 Nov to 26 Dec 2021)

From now till 26 Dec, redeem exclusively designed premiums when you shop at KINEX, United Square & Velocity@Novena Square. This Christmas, UOL Malls has partnered UOB Cards, Extra•Ordinary People and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore.

Image from UOL

  • Redeem exclusively designed Gift Wrappers with $60 spent ($40 for U-POPP members)
    3 same-day combined receipts
  • Redeem a Christmas Surprise Gift Set with $250 spent ($200 for U-POPP members/ UOB Credit Cardmembers)
    4 same-day combined receipts
  • Redeem a 4-in-1 Waffle Maker, Kitchen Mitten and Trivet Set with $400 spent ($350 for U-POPP members/UOB Credit Cardmembers)
    4 same-day combined receipts.


As a token of appreciation, trainees from from Extra•Ordinary People and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore will receive a royalty fee from UOL Malls in support of their continued learning and developmental journey.

Make a wish come true (10 to 30 November 2021)

Pick a gift tag from our Christmas tree and make someone’s wish come true.

UOL Malls invited students from Care Corner Student Care Centres and Extra•Ordinary People’s Financial Scheme to write down their Christmas wish. Shoppers can grant the children their wishes by purchasing the items listed on the gift tags.

Image from UOL

Shoppers can also choose to buy a set of groceries for the elderly aged 60 and above from AWWA Senior Community Home who have no family and/or means of financial support.

UOL will purchase and sponsor all remaining items not picked up by the shoppers after the end of the campaign. UOL will also wrap and deliver the gifts to the children and elderly before Christmas. Care Corner Student Care Centres, Extra•Ordinary People and AWWA Senior Community Home are named charities of UOL.

Give the Gift of Hope with Endowus (5 November to 30 December 2021)

During this Christmas season, shoppers can make a difference and support charities that help communities in need.

Shoppers can visit Endowus’ Giving Machines, which are vending machines placed in our malls’ main atriums that offer shoppers a chance to donate to a charity of their choice. Shoppers can purchase a giving card with a $5, $10 or $20 value and make a donation as a gift. These donation vending machines are supported by Endowus, in partnership with charity portal Giving.sg and vending partner Reinvend Solutions Pte Ltd.

There are 15 charities shoppers can support:

  1. Aidha
  3. Care Corner Singapore Ltd
  4. Centre For Fathering Limited
  5. Children’s Aid Society
  6. Children’s Wishing Well
  7. Extra•Ordinary People
  8. The Red Pencil (Singapore)
  9. Make-A-Wish Foundation (Singapore) Limited
  10. New Life Stories Limited
  11. NTUC U Care Fund
  12. Rainbow Centre, Singapore
  13. RSVP- Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers
  14. The Food Bank Singapore Ltd
  15. Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund

For more details on the upcoming promotions & events, visit www.unitedsquare.com.sg