4 Ways How MPM Teaches Math Differently From Other Centres

MPM is one of the top Math Enrichment Centres in Singapore (As voted by Parents’ World).

MPMEstablished in 2002 in Singapore, we specialise in helping students aged 5 to 12. We help students develop critical thinking and independent problem-solving skills.

Our fun, engaging and challenging curriculum is aligned with the latest MOE Math syllabus and help students of all ages prepare for the school exams. 

MPM’s BEATS Methodology


We designed the MPM BEATS methodology based on our years of experience working with Singapore students. 

It is a carefully designed process that will nurture your child’s interest, engagement and understanding in math. 

In the process, they will build resilience as students learn to deal with challenging math questions.



In many schools and tuition centres, the concepts are covered too quickly and there is an expectation that parents will guide their children at home. As a result, many children have a weak understanding of the key mathematical concepts. 

Here at MPM math, we first conduct a comprehensive diagnostic test to assess where the child is at before creating a personalised learning plan for them. We tend use the spiral approach to help the child master the critical concepts that they need to know before the exams. 

This is how we build a strong mathematical foundation for any child – one that will carry them through from primary school to university and beyond. 


Some centres use manipulatives to arouse the child’s interest. However, without proper coaching and guidance, the child is not able to fully benefit from the manipulatives and the exercises.

In MPM math, we focus on using specially selected manipulatives to turn abstract concepts into concrete concepts that the child can easily understand and apply in school. With the right guidance, the child will be able to understand and explore the concept on their own and apply it to real life.



Many schools and centres do not teach children to analyse problem sums and break them down into step-by-step mini-problems. 

As a result, children tend to get overwhelmed and give up easily when they are faced with challenging problems.  

At MPM, we teach students to first identify and access the pre-requisite knowledge in each problem sum. Next, we guide them through a step-by-step process to solving different problems. This ensures that your child is able to solve a wide variety of problems, even ones that they never seen before. 

Try & Solve


In schools and many tuition centres, teachers tend to teach students Math by writing the solution on the board. At MPM, we believe that this is the least effective method of learning math and independent problem solving. 

The right way is to help the child familiarise themselves with different question formats and interpretations through targeted practice. The students should practice independently and take initiative to clarify the concepts with the instructors if necessary. 

By doing so, we build the student’s self-confidence and instill a positive attitude towards problem sums. 

Key Highlights of The MPM Programme

√Comprehensive Exam Focused Curriculum

Our specially designed curriculum helps your child prepare for the upcoming tests and exams in schools. The curriculum has helped many students score A/A* in their exams and even pass the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) entry test for Math.

√Highly Trained Instructors 

Unlike many centres that focus on hiring teachers and asking teachers to prepare their own curriculum, MPM instructors have to go through a rigorous selection process and training before they can be conduct classes in the MPM centres. At MPM, we take great care in selecting the instructors who are passionate and dedicated to your child’s education and well-being.

√Fun, Engaging & Challenging

The lessons are delivered in a fun and engaging way. Every child will have the opportunity to learn new concepts with the help of activities and exercises tailored to their current level of understanding. They will then progress through a series of practice exercises that will help them improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Success Stories

“Method & Materials Are Well Researched And Planned….”

“MPM has been useful for my children. The methods and materials given and used is be well researched and planned. 

One of the unique method which I find useful is how MPM uses the spiral approach method and model drawings to help children to see and understand the mathematical concepts. This is a method I never seen used in other Math tuition centres.  

I recommend MPM for children who has the basic Math concept but wish to excel in getting better grades. Thank you Ms Wendy for your help and guidance. Hana would never make it without your coaching.”

“Use of Different Solving Techniques And Stretched Critical Thinking Abilities…”

“I started JELIC at the age of 3 and moved into MPM math end of K1.  MPM math teachers have helped me in my mathematics both conceptually and stretched my critical thinking abilities. 

I learnt many different solving techniques which I can use to attempt a math problem. This is beyond what school has taught me. These alternate methods have helped me a lot during examinations.”



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