5 Things About Raymond’s Math & Science Studio That Help The Enrichment Centre Achieve Results


Raymond’s Math & Science Studio (RMSS) isn’t your run-of-the-mill drill-and-kill type of tuition centre. Raymond Loh, the founder of RMSS, and his team of teachers (all working full-time with the centre) tailor their teaching by first understanding what it’s like from his students’ point of view.
We recently caught up with Raymond and discovered 5 unique things about RMSS that helps them achieve results.

1) Strong family culture

“We have a tightly-knit family culture. We believe in building strong relationships and rapport with our students, so they are accepted here at RMSS no matter what level they are currently at.”

You might be wondering, why on earth does an enrichment centre need to be like family to your child? Well, RMSS has a special ingredient in their tutoring method – they work hard and play hard – and this helps to keep students on their toes and motivated to strive and do their best.

RMSS gathering

The centre regularly organizes events such as bringing their students to university Open Days, fun team-building events like cooking classes, and an annual movie day that the students always look forward to.

2) In-house curriculum

“All our teaching resources and curriculum are developed by our very own teaching staff. We take pride in being able to achieve clarity when we explain difficult math concepts to our students.”

Another unique aspect of RMSS is their in-house, teacher-developed teaching resources. Each book is tailored to be able to handhold students and take them from level 1 to level 10.

The centre also specially shoots and creates video lessons on different subjects, from mathematics, science, biology, to physics. These help to unpack difficult topics and are accessible to students to review and revise in their own time. Each centre is equipped with iPads, to allow students to access these videos and to do their revision, or to
study topics that they’ve missed.

3) Teach by strategy, not by topics

“We don’t sort our teaching by topics because we have seen that it doesn’t work that well. Instead, we teach by strategy, so certain topics will call upon the same strategy and we build on this strategy toolbox for our students.”

rmss primary class

Whether the topic is fraction, ratio, or percentage, the centre is known for mixing it all up. Instead of studying by topic, students are taught different strategies and how to apply the best strategy solution to different questions.

The centre has seen how this method actually empowers students to apply critical thinking skills, and to choose the best strategies to tackle each problem. While this could be seen as a slightly unconventional way of teaching, some teachers and schools have even started to take notice of RMSS students and their creative problem-solving methods.

4)  Foster belief and confidence in our kids

“We want to help our kids reach their fullest potential. We explain to them difficult concepts in simple ways. Once they have clarity, they start to feel in control. And once they feel they are in control of the subject, they feel great, and they ask for more.”

rmss boy

5) A strong and passionate teaching team

“Our teachers walk the talk. Any new teacher that joins the team needs to shadow our senior teachers for 6 months – that’s the deal. We are closely connected to our students, and have regular team meetings to discuss the problems that some kids face, so that we can help them.”

rmss group outing

RMSS teachers are all dedicated full-time teaching staff, each passionate about the subjects that they cover and relentless in their efforts to inspire their students to like and appreciate each subject.

Many of them have gone through their own struggles and setbacks, and overcame. So they each have an inspiring story of their own to tell.

We hope this interview and glimpses into Raymond Math & Science have been insightful for you. If you are interested to find out more, visit RMSS’ website.

rmss centre

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