7 Powerful Tips To Help Your Child Start School Year 2015 Right!

Yes, the exams are over and the school holidays are fast approaching.

It is true that your child could use a little “down time” to rest and relax … but the holidays also represent a good time to CORRECT some of the mistakes of 2014.

There’s a common saying – “Things change only if you do” and unless your child fixes the errors in thinking and preparation, it’s inevitable that these will appear again next year and wreck havoc again.

Also, it’s important to get to the heart of the issue affecting your child. Trying to paper over the cracks by sending them to “more tuition” doesn’t work, because it doesn’t address the REAL problem.

Often, kids don’t lack intelligence and they don’t need another class teaching them how to solve math or science problems. What they really need is a REASON WHY to put in the effort and do well in school.

What we do during our 7-day Supercamp Singapore program is help them find their OWN powerful REASON WHY to study and excel. On top of that, we show them how to make simple shifts in their life so they can keep performing at their best.

The end result is kids do way better than ever before, and they are happier, less stressed and they actually enjoy learning! Oh, and they don’t need to be nagged to do their work. They do it all by themselves.

Here are a few things we do at Supercamp that make all the difference. Apply them and you’ll be able to give your child a headstart come school year 2015.

1. Take them outside their comfort zone and have them reflect

At Supercamp Singapore, they live away from home for 7 full days and they get a chance to look back upon their lives, habits, friends, choices and ways of thinking … and decide if there are changes they want to make. Often times, this helps them recognize the errors of their ways so they can start to make changes.


2. Help them form better habits

At our program, we help students reflect on the different habits they currently have ,and we guide them to future project how their lives will look like if they keep the existing habits. For many, this serves as a wake-up call because they clearly see that their habits will lead them to a future they don’t want. They make a personal decision to cast aside their old bad habits and commit to new, more positive ones.


3. Help them craft a VISION for the future

We set up a positive, encouraging environment at Supercamp where students are free to design the lives they want. Nothing is too big or too small. The end result is students walk away, many for the first time, with a sense of purpose and direction. Finally, they have something to aim for in life rather than just passing exams and finishing homework!


4. Guide them to set powerful GOALS

We devote a section of the Supercamp program to helping kids set practical goals for school year 2015. They don’t leave the program till they are VERY clear what their goals are. On top of that, we have them work backwards and brainstorm all the ways to achieve that goal, before aiding them to LASER IN on one action-step. We have them make this action-step the FOCUS so they don’t get distracted.


5. Help them master modern learning methods

At camp, we teach students speed-reading, speed-writing and speed-learning methods. In our 32 years, we’ve worked with the world’s leading learning pioneers and crystallized their concepts into easy-to-learn chunks, so students can learn and master these in hours.

Students not only learn these skills in a fun, engaging way – they get a chance to practice these over and over again so they can use it effortlessly in school.


6. Help Them Love and Value Themselves More

During our program, we help students uncover the unconscious labels they have placed on  themselves. On top of that, we show students that they don’t have to be trapped by these labels forever. They can shed them and give themselves new, more empowering ones. The result is students, often for the first time, feel FREE and WORTHY to achieve the results they really want.


7. Teach Them How To Form BETTER Relationships

We give students simple, highly effective communication methods they can use to build better relationships with friends, parents and teachers. Finally, they can speak their mind, build deeper friendships, strengthen family bonds, and ask questions in class without fear of embarrassment or stress. Students get repeated opportunities to practice these skills throughout the 7-day program so it becomes second nature to them.

Using these 7 tips, we’ve helped thousands of kids shed their negative thoughts, habits and beliefs and empower them to do WAY MORE in the coming school year.

We’re doing our annual Supercamp Singapore from 30th Nov to 6th Dec and we’re looking forward to helping more kids take a BIG LEAP forward in their lives.

If you want us to work with your child, check out our website at http://www.supercamp.sg or email me at [email protected]


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