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7 Tips To Help Your Child Ace The Final Year Exams

The exams are getting close, and it’s that time of the year again for kids and parents.

We decided to write this article specially to share some proven tips we know can help your child unlock their potential and do their best in the upcoming exams.

Having worked with kids worldwide for 33 years and 8 years in Singapore through our Supercamp program, we’ve concluded without a doubt that there are secrets that can help kids remember more during revision time and get in the optimal state for exam-taking.

Let us share these with you:

#1. Environment > Will

Being determined unfortunately is not enough.

If your child studies in a noisy, messy place … they will get very little done – PERIOD.

The key hence is to have them do their revision in a specific place that’s clean, quiet and conducive.

Think of it like an office desk – neat, tidy and inviting for work.

It’s a place they can show up everyday and get their work done.

Their productivity will sky-rocket if they have this dedicated work area to complete all that they have to.

#2. State Before Study

Before your child starts their study, have them take a minute to close their eyes and refocus their mind.

What do they want to get done? What do they want to achieve?

Doing this gives them the time to go from thinking about food, games, movies, entertainment, friends etc …. to focusing on getting their work done.

Skip this step and an inefficient study session is almost guaranteed.

#3. Lock Distractions Away

The study area is a no-phone, no-TV, no-wifi zone – period.

It’s virtually impossible to be productive when you’re checking your phone every 5 seconds, responding to a text and refreshing your Instagram feed.

Support your child to put their gadgets away. Remind them that they can completely relax and check these after they get their work done.

#4. Real-World Practice In Real-World Conditions

It’s one thing to do an exam paper – but it’s another thing to practice under real-world conditions.

In a REAL exam, you sit at the desk and get the paper done in a fixed time period. You don’t walk around, check your textbook for answers, head to the fridge for food etc.

It’s important to have your child practice under these real-world conditions so they are psychologically ready when the very real pressures of the exam hall sets in.

The more they practice under real conditions, the more confident they will be and the less panic, stress and anxiety will set in.

#5. Support Them With Words

As parents, there’s a tendency to remind your child about what they are doing wrong and what they could be doing better.

Understand that your words hold great power – and you can instill unbelievable confidence in your child or shred their self-esteem to pieces.

It’s far better, we find, to support them and encourage them to do their best OVER telling them what would happen if they failed … or remind them of all the mistakes they made in the past.

Remember – you want to put your child in a confident state so they allow their natural abilities to flow through.

Use positive words of encouragement to trigger this state within them.

#6.  Positive Self Talk Only

Support your child to practice positive self-talk.

Ban any self criticism or personal put-downs like “I can’t do…” or “I will definitely fail…”

Instead, ask them what they can do about that.

Move them from personal limitation to problem solving mode.

The first comes from the place of victimhood … the other from a place of personal power.

#7. Brightness of The Future

Before your child embarks on their revision, have them sit with you to design their post-exam plan.

Talk about what they will do during the holidays – the places to go to, the interesting things to do and more.


This puts less pressure on the act of taking the exams. Your child understands that the exams is just another part of their school life – not some “life or death” “make or break” event.

Also, this gives them something to look forward to as they revise and take the exams.

If you apply these 7 tips when helping your child prepare for the exams, you may be pleasantly surprised at how well they do.

Use them! They most certainly work.

Here at Supercamp Singapore, we wish you the very best in the upcoming exams.

With Love and Support,

The Supercamp Singapore Team


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