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8 Critical Brain Skills & Strategies for a Flying Start in P1!

A new year and a significant milestone ahead!

As a child starts Primary One and begins his possibly 14-16 years (or more!) of formal education, it is a very good time for parents to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying cognitive or brain skills that drive successful learning and determine academic outcomes. We will list 8 essential cognitive or brain skills here which research has shown to strongly influence school performance:

#1: Attention & Focus – The ability to concentrate on the task at hand and not be distracted by unimportant or irrelevant information.  

#2: Working Memory – The ability to not only store information but also manipulate them at the same time, critical especially for successful reading comprehension and the ability to solve multi-step Math problems.   

#3: Impulse Control – The ability to not “rush in” but instead be able to carefully consider the information presented before giving a response. Students with difficulties in this area may show careless behaviours and untidy work.

#4: Processing Speed for incoming information – The ability to rapidly grasp information through both verbal and visual learning channels (e.g. understand what the teacher is saying while examining a picture or diagram at the same time).

#5: Processing Speed for responses – The ability to rapidly provide an accurate response through speaking, writing, or an action like catching a fast-moving ball.

#6: Sequencing – The brain’s ability to learn and maintain the correct order, critical for many academic and non-academic tasks ranging from spelling, reading, solving Math questions to playing sports and learning music.    

#7: Resilience – The ability to remain optimistic even in the face of set-backs and disappointments; to not give up easily but persevere through hard work and in challenging circumstances.  

#8: Emotional Intelligence – The ability to be aware of and manage one’s own emotions and also others’ emotions. This is essential for the ability to develop social skills and strong friendships, allowing one to fully thrive in school.   

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These 8 critical cognitive skills essential for school success &
Practical strategies to improve your child’s abilities in each of these 8 cognitive skills

Scientific Parenting for a SMARTER Brain Seminar:

Give your Child’s Brain a Flying Start in P1!

Seminar details:

Date : 20th December 2014 Saturday
Time : 1:00pm – 3:00pm (Light refreshments will be served)
Venue : 193-197 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307633
Cost : $5 per person

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