A Cool Plan for the Young and Connected

The age of the Generation Y is all about staying connected – wherever and whenever.

Exactly how significant is digital communication to teens these days? Confiscate your teenage daughter’s mobile phone as a punishment for staying out late may make her as miserable as grounding her in her room for a week (or probably worse); not having a Facebook account may brand a teenage as a dinosaur; losing access to Internet Messenger (IM) to chat with friends may be as bad as being stranded on a deserted island. You get the picture.

With adolescence comes a wider circle of friends, resulting in more phone calls and SMSes to be made. You just can tell from all the fast and furious typing of SMSes that a youngster is a “power user”; it definitely takes a lot of practice to get such nimble thumbs to work so skillfully over the tiny mobile phone keypad! And that’ll translate to a lot of SMSes flying back and forth.

So just like children outgrowing their clothing, the supplementary mobile plan that you’ve subscribed for your young child may no longer fit his/her teenage needs. Why not consider SingTel Youth* for your growing children instead? Tailored especially for school-going youth, this monthly subscription plan gives you Free Incoming Calls and Free Unlimited SMS. And also with IM on Mobile, children can chat with their online friends, even on the go, when they’re away from their computers – all at no data charge.

Also, recognising that older children will spend more time in their tertiary institutions, SingTel Mobile Youth Plan provides Free Campus Calls and when the boys are enlisted for national service, they can enjoy Free Camp Calls. All these make for a smooth transition for your children to make full use of the benefits of this specially tailored mobile plan throughout their growing years.

This is all good news to parents too because now, you can easily stay connected with your children without having to worry about extra phone charges, or perhaps even make sure that your boy/girl gives you a call to let you know when he/she is coming home for dinner or how your son is doing in camp!


*SingTel Mobile Youth Plans are catered to students and NSFs. Exclusive benefits include:

  • Free Unlimited SMS to any service provider
  • Free Campus Calls from all Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, ITEs and universities (NUS, NTU, SIM & SMU)
  • Free Camp Calls from selected camps
  • Free incoming calls

For more information, check with staff at any hello! shop or visit www.singtel.com/youth.




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