4 Tips to Maximise Skin Comfort In Chilly Climes

When it comes to going for an overseas holiday, destinations with temperate climates tend to be many families’ preferred choice.

While you are enjoying the trip – away from Singapore’s tropical heat – with the entire family, your skin may not relish the experience. That’s because chilly weather can easily dry out or irritate our skin, causing you to get chapped lips, itch or flakiness around the face, hands or legs.

Similarly, your air-conditioned environment may also be a culprit in drying out your skin. So, unless you give it extra tender loving care, your skin will likely become worse for wear after being exposed to the extreme conditions.

How can you protect your family’s skin in a cool climate? What are some of the products suitable for the entire family?

We share 4 tips to maximise skin comfort during a winter holiday or in the cold indoors.

rhealba-oatTip #1: Avoid cleaners that contain soap and detergent as they dry out skin

Sometimes the products you use may be harsher than the environment itself, causing further damage to your skin. We recommend using A-Derma’s range, which is suitable for the entire family, even babies. A-Derma is one of the few plant-based dermatology brands in Singapore and the only dermo-cosmetic brand to use Rhealba® Oat, a natural, plant-based active ingredient that both soothes irritated skin and protects fragile skin.

The unique Rhealba Oat – a white oat species that is the purest in its form –contains high levels of anti-inflammatory, healing and hydrating active ingredients, which is just what fragile skin needs.

Tip #2: Use products that are suitable even for fragile skin

Wool garments such as sweaters, mufflers and gloves may irritate skin and trigger allergy-like symptoms like itch and rashes. Especially if your young children suffer from eczema, the flare up may be more severe in winter. Besides opting for cotton clothing, which is less irritating than wool, remember to carry along skincare products that are anti-allergic and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Tip #3: Minimise exposure to the sun, wind and water, especially very hot water

Sunscreen is a must especially if your family is going for a ski holiday. This is because snow reflects the sun’s UV rays and can increase the amount of sun exposure your skin receives. Also, being constantly subjected to the wind as you glide down the ski slopes will quickly dry your skin out.

At day’s end, a steaming hot bath back in your hotel may be a welcome respite from the frosty outdoors, but avoid staying in the hot water for too long as it will also dry your skin out. Moreover, it is especially bad for kids with eczema, which, in that case, bathe with lukewarm water instead.

Tip #4: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Dry, irritated skin shows symptoms of redness and flakiness – definitely not how you’ll want to look in your otherwise beautiful holiday photos, to say the least. Therefore, learn to hydrate inside out by eating lots of vegetables, fish and plant-based oils that help to boost vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Also, hydrate systematically using A-Derma products, which offer deeply emollient properties.


Your A-Derma Survival Kit for Winter

Following 30 years of research, A-Derma has discovered the Rhealba® Oat plantlet extract that is harvested precisely when their immunity-regulating, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties are at their peak – and all formulas are tested under dermatological conditions – meaning that its products are safe for the most fragile skin. So remember to use it for the family, and for the best experience, do include these A-Derma products when packing for your next winter holiday.





  1. Hand Cream • SOS nourishing hand cream for the deep repair of dry, irritated hands.
  2. Lip Stick • Rich in vegetable waxes (containing no lanolin or paraffin) and with a natural matte finish, this ultra-hydrating and repairing stick is a hit.
  3. Moisturising Body Lotion • Apply it and it’s absorbed in an instant, this dry-touch technology lotion hydrates non-stop for 24 hours.
  4. Exomega Emollient Cream • An ultra-rich texture to face winter with confidence and make atopy-prone skin happy again.
  5. Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil • For babies, children and adults: a nourishing oil that washes the driest atopy-prone skin without any drying effect.


A-Derma products are available for purchase at Watsons & Guardian.

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