A Different Kind of Approach to Music Lessons

What is learning music all about? Accumulating graded examination papers with distinction? Winning awards at competitions? An ECA credit that helps you get into a better university in the long run? Or…. Simply living up to the national motto of being Kiasu?

Long before human understand words, we recognize music first. Sounds and melodies are the most primitive way human expressed their feelings and emotions with. Furthermore, with the sudden burst of the “Mozart Effect” back in the early 90s, more and more parents are sending their children at a younger age for music classes. Playschools, kindergarten are also coming up with music-related programmes.

Where do we start? What to choose? Most parents wonder!

Music lessons at Aureus Academy – like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole – open up a new adventure for students and takes on a completely different perspective. Arguably the “new-to-market” approach, our education system offers:

  • Flexibility of syllabuses and methods used
    We assure every student receives “special-to-order” tailored classes to meet different needs and requirements.
  • Promise results
    We have always maintained a 100% passing rates for every ABRSM Practical and Theory Session.
  • High standards
    Our teachers are all full-time and professionally trained with at least a Bachelor Degree in Music. Commitment is the key to a good teacher-student relationship.
  • Serious and Fun
    As we continue to strive for the best in lessons, we never cease to cultivate the most important element of music – enjoy and play!
  • Sharing music
    We have two well-facilitated recital halls with grand pianos where we hold our student recital series all year round as music for us, is about sharing and not merely coming for weekly lessons in small cubicles.

Our upcoming Winter Camp, which will take place between 14-18 & 21-23 December, is the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to music and to “PLAY”.

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14-18th December
21-23rd December

Forum the Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road B1-01/04 & B1-18
Singapore 238884

This is our recurring 4th edition, having positive feedbacks from past campers and parents on how children are being exposed to music via different platforms by our engaging teaching faculty. It is a wonderful opportunity to share what they have learnt in the past few months with their peers, communicate and interact. They also have the chance to work with other teachers to receive a second, or even third feedback!

One of our most popular activity – An-Instrument-A-Day, opens up new doors for beginners to find out where their interest is and also music students to understand other instruments without having the pressure to take up the instrument itself!

Get in touch with us today at http://aureusacademy.com/contact/

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