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A Life Without Limbs

When we complain and lament about life, think again. Many of us, have not learnt to appreciate "The Things" that we already have.


Hi, I have seen Nick in

Hi, I have seen Nick in person. He was in my church 1 year back to share his life experience. I could bring myself to cry when I see how positive about life he is. My 4 year old son even go to hug him. I was really really motivated by him.

I saw this person on

I saw this person on youtube before. It is indeed inspiring video

A Life without Limbs

What a great inspiration to all who have perfectly normal bodily functions! Not just without one or two limbs missing but all four,  safe for an awful looking stump that turns out to be a great asset to him.

I find his positive attitude towards himself very contagious. I pray that all of us who have or are going to watch this video will realise that whenever we want to complain about our lackings, we will stop to think of this great optimistic guy with life without limbs.

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